Memory Games and Activities for Seniors

It’s important that as people age they find ways to keep both their body and mind sharp. Sandy Gibson, the Director of Nursing with BrightStar of Chicago, put together a great list of games and activities to do with seniors to help with memory. These are great exercises for those suffering from dementia.

Memory Card Game

This classic card game is a great way to exercise memory. Lay all the cards from a deck face down in a 13 x 4 pattern. The first player turns two cards over at random. If they are a match, he gets to keep them and go again. If they are different numbers, he must turn them back over and it is the next player’s turn. As more and more cards are revealed, players are forced to remember where certain cards are in the grid. The player with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.

Simon Says

Simon Says exercises reflex skills and memory. It is appropriate for seniors already experiencing memory loss. Stand at the front of the room. Do an action, such as putting your hands on your head. Describe the action, introducing it with “Simon says.” For example, “Simon says put your hands on your head.” The participants must imitate your actions until you describe a gesture you are doing without saying “Simon says.” Anyone who does the gesture is out. The game requires that seniors quickly recall the names of body parts.

Name That Tune

This game is great for exercising and testing long-term memory. Assemble various recordings of songs that were popular when today’s seniors were young. Play a short clip from a song. Participants must write down the name of the song and the artist. Play 10-15 different songs. Announce the answers one by one. The participant with the highest number of correct responses wins.

Memory Circle

This game strengthens both long- and short-term memory. Assemble a group of senior citizens in a circle. Go around the circle and have participants share memories of a favorite hobby or activity from their childhood. Once each person has had a chance to share, go around the circle again. This time, have each person recount the same memory of another participant. Continue until everyone has had a chance to recount someone else’s memory

Tech Games

In the age of technology and gadgets, seniors can benefit from a host of games. The Nintendo DS is a hand-held game console. Among the games available for it is “Brain Age/Brain Age 2,” a game with nine puzzles, multi-level Sudoku rounds and speed counting memory tests. Another, “Clubhouse Games,” offers 40 classic senior-friendly games like “Texas Hold ‘Em,” backgammon, checkers, bowling, billiards and darts. These particular activities will challenge a senior’s speed, dexterity, memory and mental focus.

Traditional Games

You can never go wrong with traditional games that exercise mental focus and memory. Brain teasers, crossword puzzles, bingo boards and puzzles are available in large print and large sizes to make it easier for seniors to handle, see and play.

Group Fun

Trivia games for seniors can be a group activity that allows them to develop a sense of teamwork while bonding with their peers. Such games alleviate loneliness, a state of being that triggers depression, anxiety and dementia in seniors, according to The Senior Review. Trivia games can be especially enjoyable for seniors knowledgeable on subjects such as music, movies, history, art and sports.

Board Games

Board games such as chess, Monopoly, and even children’s games like Candyland and Chutes and Ladders help improve the short-term memory of seniors. Board games provide seniors a way to assist their peers, giving them a sense of helpfulness. Board games with basic play rules are less about competitiveness and more about having fun and encouraging each player to do his best.

Outdoor Games

Other than getting fresh air and exercise, there are plenty of games to play with seniors outside. Depending on the physical fitness level of the senior, games such as Red Light Green Light, Simon Says, Freeze Tag, sports games or a scavenger hunt are examples of games to get senior citizens outdoors and are free to play.

Arts and Crafts

With items that you already have, you can do arts and crafts with your senior. According to the Seniors Love to Know website, scrap booking is a fun way to gather your photos and mementos together and is a great way to organize your treasures. Drawing and sketching can also be enjoyable and to make it a game, you can play Pictionary or have contests based on what picture looks the most realistic, the most bizarre, the most creative, etc.

Card Games

Card games are free and can be fun for people of all ages. There are a variety of different card games to choose from and the flexibility of cards means that you can make up your own games if you choose. Find a game your senior wants to play or you can get ideas from the Games Info Depot website and play popular games such as Old Maid, Bridge, Poker, BlackJack and Cribbage.


Get out the bingo cards, bingo balls and bingo markers, and let the seniors enjoy a couple of games of bingo. For added fun, create the bingo cards and markers to match the nearest holiday. If Halloween is coming up, use bingo cards with pictures of bats, scarecrows, candy and scary masks. The seniors can use candy corns as bingo markers and instead of saying “Bingo,” have them shout, “Happy Halloween.” Do the same for Valentine’s Day, and use conversation hearts as bingo markers. Award the game winners with holiday-themed prizes.

Marshmallow Toss

Hang a wreath or circle ring from the ceiling that is approximately 6 inches in diameter. Dust several large marshmallows with flour to keep them from getting sticky. Mark a standing line 10 feet from the wreath or circle. Give each senior 10 marshmallows to try to toss through the wreath or ring. Award a prize to each senior who makes a marshmallow through the ring. For added decoration, make the ring heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day; use a holiday wreath for Christmas; and use a Halloween-themed wreath for Halloween. If you do not have marshmallows, play this game with beanbags.

Balloon Volleyball

Use a small rope to hang across a room. The seniors can sit in chairs or stand to play a game of balloon volleyball. Divide the seniors into two teams. Each team will get on one side of the rope. The seniors will hit the balloon back and forth like volleyball. Keep score, and the first team to score 10 points wins the game. For another balloon game, give each senior a balloon and see who can hit the balloon in the air the longest amount of time.

Brain and Mind Games

Seniors require mental stimulation and games that improve the brain and memory skills are beneficial. The Nursing Home Activities Resource website suggests games such as crossword puzzles, board games such as chess, Sudoku, Trivia games and jigsaw puzzles. To make these games free, play board games you already own and you can print out free puzzles and games from websites online or make your own!

Vacation Game

Have several people sit in a circle. Start the game by saying, “I am going on a trip to Florida and in my suitcase I am taking a shirt.” Ask the person beside you to say the same thing but add another item to the suitcase. The person will say, “I am going on a trip to Florida and in my suitcase I am taking a shirt and a [fill in the blank].” Continue to play around the circle until it comes back to you. You end the game by reciting the original saying and remembering all the items added to the suitcase.

Room Memorization

Ask a senior to look around a room they are familiar with like a bedroom, then ask the person to leave the room for a minute. Switch a few things in the room or hide some things. Ask the senior to return and tell you what has moved or what is missing.

Daily Journals

Help seniors write daily journals at the end of each day. Ask them to remember each thing they did and write each thing down. Tell them to visualize their day if they are having trouble remembering the things they did. Make a game of it by trying to remember hour by hour. Ask them to remember more each day than they did the day before. See who can remember the most details.

Source by BrightStar

Adult stripping games for maximum entertainment

Strip poker can be a very interesting game if you have gorgeous and amazing women as your opponents. Online strip poker game is a type of video poker where you have to choose an opponent to play the game with you. You will get a list of suggestions to choose from and the face that appeals to you the most can be chosen to play against you. There are a lot of versions of this game available with different names like sixty nine. There are other games where you have to become the slave of the person and do all the erotic things he asks you to do.

There are a number of adult video games available and you can play as per your interest and choices. Counting on the best and popular ones, strip poker is the game that is widely played. If you like the fun elements involved in the game of poker and want a hot girl to perform a strip-tease in front of you; strip games are the only thing you need. These games can be extremely tempting and can earn you great wealth as well. You will be motivated to play this game as it is the perfect mix of enjoyment and ecstasy.

You will have a lot of options while you play this game. Play with all your heart and win. You can even imagine and even get the other person to undress in front of you. You need to know the basic rules of the game and rest will be done. You will never fall short of options when it comes to choosing the games and players to make your game exciting. You can play these adult games for free as well. The basic objective of this game is to make the other person remove all his clothes so that you have an equally good show.

The players have to restore the money they have with basically their clothes and linen. Until the loss of the subsequent hand, garments do not disappear. You need to know that if you have a good degree of intuition, the game of strip poker will be full of amazing moments for you. If you are new to this game and you do not know how to play, take the help of guides to know the basic rules so that you too can win. Once you start playing the game, you will automatically learn the tactics and intricacies of the game.

So, the next time you feel like playing some interesting games, consider playing these hot games. Who knows you might get a partner to play the game with you daily. Know all the rules and play with all your mind and heart to win over the beauties.

Playing this game can bring you moments of joy and pleasure. All you need to do is download the game on computer and enjoy it whenever you want to. The downloading process is very easy and you can have you game in your computer in a  span of few moments.

Source by Jai Prakash Srivastava

Playing Chess for Money

Online casino’s, poker rooms, bookmakers, lottery & bingo sites are nothing new. However to my knowledge one of the oldest and most famous past-times has never been contested over the world wide web for money. What am I talking about?


It launched at the end of June 2008 and its called Its tagline is “the future of competitive chess”.

Now chess tournaments to win cash prizes are nothing new and neither is playing for money threw correspondence chess but playing live chess for money over the internet as far as I’m aware has never been done before.

Could it be the future?

Poker became a global phenomenon in the last decade. Now there’s countless hours of TV devoted to it. Cable and Network programming. Its big business and intoxicating viewing.

Players are becoming celebrities and poker is no longer “that” game played in dimly lit smoked filled basements.

Poker is without a doubt the king of the mountain with Texas hold’em the crown jewels but one could argue that chess is the far superior game. You see poker isn’t just about skill, there’s the luck factor and to not sound like a bitter loser it doesn’t matter how good you are at poker, how many books you’ve read, how many hours you’ve put in or if you do everything right you still cant beat lady luck should she decide to rear her ugly head.

Chess however is pure skill. The best man (or woman) will always win and that’s how it should be.

If I played Roger Federer at tennis I’d get destroyed. I’d be lucky to get a single point off him. If I played a top chess grandmaster I’d get annihilated without my opponent even breaking a sweat but if I or anyone of the street played the top ranked poker player in the world I could beat them, they wouldn’t even be much of a favourite, all because of the luck factor.

Chess should be top of the mountain. it’s the vastly superior game and the ultimate battle of wits.

Playing for money isn’t technically gambling either as the definition of gambling is to play a game of chance and there is no chance in chess.

The question I have is this: Is playing chess for cash right or wrong? Does it add some spice to the battle or does it demean the spirit of the game? Should we leave the dollars, pounds and Euro’s out of it and just play for pride?

If your familiar with sky bet you’ll know there motto is “it matters more when there’s money on it!”.

I agree. I have a competitive nature but bragging rites is not enough for me. I say not that it matters more if there’s money on it but if there’s no money on it, who really cares. If there’s nothing to lose then what have you really gained.

The difference between winning and losing should mean something to you and if it doesn’t then why are you even playing in the first place. If you need some incentive to get you into that mindset put a big hand-full of your hard earned cash on it. Make things interesting.

There’s a line it fight club that goes “your never alive like you are in fight club”. I say your never alive like you are in a casino, or at the races, or playing poker or playing chess for cash.

You want to feel a rollercoaster of emotions? Withdraw a months wages and take it down a casino. Put two weeks pay on red at the roulette table and watch the dealer spin that ball. You’ll never be wider awake, you’ll never be more alive. You’ll be able to feel your heart pumping through your chest and your senses heightened. Either way a tidal wave of emotion is coming your way. The elation of winning or the despair of defeat. That’s emotion. that’s living in the moment . that’s being alive. It’s a drug but the effects are not synthetic, this is real.

Win and you’re a hero, lose and you’re a failure, an idiot, an addict. You’ll be worshipped or spat on over something you really had no control over.

Gambling addicts who sit around in group therapy, are they addicts or are they just the one’s who lost. Just think if the dice had turned the other way they’d be sitting on a tropical island. People wouldn’t be looking down on them then would they. Notice you don’t ever see a gamblers anonymous meeting filled with men and women in flashy designer clothes and expensive jewellery. You’ve only got a problem if you lost.

But of course playing chess for money is something completely different as its about skill though it can invoke the same genuine emotions and this time the difference between winning and losing is 100% in your hands. You can work on your game, become a student of the sport. To hell with lady luck, chess rewards talent and ability, something that can be nurtured.

Once you think your ready you’ll need to test yourself, see how good you really are and there’s only one way and currently one place to do it.

Playing for the sake of playing is one thing but lets see how good you are when you’ve put your own money on the line. That’s what will separate the men from the boys.

Should we compete for money or does it devalue the game. I think it adds to the challenge and I’ve never been more excited about chess then since I’ve started competing for money but I can understand why others think its morally wrong and a cancer to the game they love. I’ve posted this question on and would love to hear other’s points of view.

If you fancy a game of chess meet me on Ultimate Checkmate. My username is BVBVBV. They’ll have to be some money on it though. Now I’ve played for cash not playing for money just seems meaningless.

Source by Peyton Andrews

7 Great Gifts for the Gambling Enthusiast in Your Life

If someone you love is a big-time gambler, or just loves their weekly home poker game, then gaming accessories make the perfect holiday gift.   There’s a gambling-related gift for almost every taste and budget.  And to get you pointed in the right direction, check out the list of unique items below.

Here are five unique gift ideas that they will love!

Customized poker chips.

Give a set of customized poker chips and you are delivering a guaranteed one-of-a-kind gift.  You can order clay poker chips monogrammed with the individual’s initials, favorite sports team logo or even the logo of their business.  It’s an unforgettable gift that will last for years and years.  They’ll love showing off their personalize chips to the folks in their weekly game.

Slot machines.

A great conversation starter for any room in the house, a personal casino slot machine is the gift that keeps on giving.  The recipient can program the machine for any odds setting and even load it up so that it dispenses real money!  Perfect for a game room or rec room.

Automatic card shufflers and casino-used decks.

Authentic casino supplies such as used decks of cards make great stocking stuffers.  And when those card need to be randomized, make sure the person on your list has a cool automatic card shuffler.  Perfect for everything from Wednesday poker night to casino benefit nights, card shufflers get the job done without any strain on the dealer’s hands or wrists.

A craps table.

This item is for serious gambling enthusiasts only!  A genuine craps table lets the gamer in your life host big-time craps nights in their home, and also provides a great place to practice their game.  You’ll feel like you’re on the casino floor.

Books on gambling.

Few hobbies or sports have been the source for as much literature as gambling.  From “how to win” books to memoirs of great poker hands, there is a wealth of great reading on the subject of gambling.  Pick out a few of the classics and give them as a set to gaming-reader on your holiday shopping list.

Texas Hold Em sets.

Know somebody who loves Texas Hold ‘Em?  Then pick up a Texas Hold ‘Em gift set.  These sets are affordably priced and offer everything needed to pick up and play the world’s most popular poker variation, including: cards, chips, buttons and more.


While sitting down at the baccarat table in a casino can be a bit too pricey, playing at home is a different matter.  Buy a baccarat set as a gift and transform your dad or brother into a home version of James Bond.  It’s a great way to practice before hitting the no-limit VIP room at the casino.

This holiday season, the place to go for all your gambling gifts is Poker chest offers an incredible selection of chips, tables, cards and other must-have poker accessories for everyone on your list.

Source by Mark Etinger

7 Party Ideas and ways to Entertain your guests for a House Party or Card Party

1) Try inviting your friends or family over for a reason such as asking them to come play a few card games. It sets the mood for how long you intend to invite them for and also prepares you and your friends for the party setting. Your friends might even show up with a couple of bags of chips and sodas. It will also create a great conversation piece and help with laughter, fun and competition.

2) Plan something! It seems like everyone tries to wing it. Plan a few games that you think would be fun or corny because people will be joking and laughing so much they won’t know what happened to the last four hours.

3) How about a few actual party games you can play? Make sure you have a pen and paper for each person. Pick a word such as PARTY and have a 30 second race to come up with as many smaller words inside PARTY (art, tar, tap, pay, rat etc). Whoever comes up with the least amount is out and the game continues until there’s only one player left.

4) Stop the balloon! Everyone has to blow up a balloon, tie a string to it and tie it to their foot. Then everyone’s in one room and you have to pop each others balloon. The last one with a balloon that hasn’t popped is the winner! I played this at a family party of all ages and it was a HIT!

5) Try a casino games night. If you want to go rich you can hire a dealer and set up a real game of blackjack or roulette. Or you can go for just fun and have everyone change in $1.00 for chips worth pennies. You could even set up a mini poker tournament of the card game texas hold em. Play solitaire until someone wins.

6) Scavenger hunts are always a lot of fun! No one likes to plan one, but when you’re involved in one at a party it’s a very good time.

7) If it’s a family party, try putting everyone’s baby/toddler picture on a wall and having everyone guess who’s who. It’ll be funny to see who picks who because of certain features. The stories to go along with the pictures will be funny as well.

Source by Chris Bell

Cuban Cigars Legal in 2010 – Close but No Cigar!

Among cigar smokers Cuban cigars are always abuzz.  However, legalized Cuban cigars aren’t as close as you might think.  Though there are many out there that suspect the embargo could be lifted in 2010, you can bet that there are other things that will have to happen before coveted Cubans are going to be legal in the USA.

Since the new administration has taken over, Barack Obama has discussed lifting the Cuban embargo and Cuban cigar lovers have salivated at the chance to get all the Cubans they can at reasonable prices.  It’s not likely, unfortunately, that this can happen overnight.  It is going to have to happen in stages and to quote Rush Limbaugh –“…you have no clue what is ahead of us as cigar smokers. What will happen is that the domestic manufacturers, defined by those who are in the Dominican and in Honduras, Nicaragua, Cameroon, all of the places where elements of cigars are grown, and all the places where they’re assembled, these people have in many cases marketed the brands of the Cuban cigars you’re talking about Hoyo De Monterrey, Punch, Simon Bolivar, all of these great Cuban brands have been marketed by other owners in the United States, and they are going to go to the Commerce Department, and they’re going to say we have made these brands popular, we have invested in the product and in the brand in this country, and they’re gonna ask the Commerce Department to ban the import of competing brand-name cigars from Cuba.”

Though it’s likely that we’re going to have to wait a while for Cuba cigars to be legal in the US I think that once Cubans are legal there will be a huge surge of cigar smokers and cigar smoking.  Much like the storm of online poker websites and poker players hit once Texas Hold’em became popular the cigar world will see the biggest cigar boom it has ever seen if Cuban cigars are legalized in the US.

There are also other economic factors that come into play when you’re talking about legalizing the most coveted cigars on the planet.  The economies of Honduras, The Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua will be severely affected once legal Cuban cigars are available to the masses. But, as I stated before, these economies will eventually come back to life stronger than ever once everyone realizes that Cuban cigars aren’t really that much different than the cigars produced in the above mentioned countries.  Not to mention that once Cuba has to produce cigars for Americans its production will be so overdone that the likelihood of the quality control diminishing is quite strong.

So, if you’re crossing your fingers for 2010 to be the year that you’re able to get all the Cuban cigars you want without having to sneak them in – keep dreaming!  We’ve got a long way before stocking up on Cubans will be legal in the US!

Source by Jarrod jones

Some Common Casino Games

Casino games are played for entertainment and fun. It is a game of gambling where people play with an intention of winning money or certain commodities or objects.

These days there are wide ranges of casino games available. These games can be put in to three main categories: table games, gaming machines, and random number games.

Table games include the use of cards or dice, such as Blackjack or Poker.

Gaming machines are the slot machines, these are sometimes called one armed bandits when they are found in pubs and bars, they are machines which can be played by one player at a time, without the presence of a third party (particularly a casino staff such as a dealer).

Random number games feature the choice of different numbers, such as in the games of Roulette or Keno.

Some of the popular casino games are:

Table games
• Asian stud
• Asia Poker
• Australian Pontoon
• Baccarat
• Blackjack
• Blackjack switch
• Casino Hold’em
• Casino war
• Caribbean Stud Poker
• Chinese poker
• Faro
• Four card poker
• Let It Ride
• Mambo stud
• Pai gow poker
• Poker
• Red Dog
• Spanish 21
• Texas Hold’em
• Three card poker
• Two-up
• Penny-up
Random numbers
• Roulette
• Bingo
• Keno
Gaming machines
• Pachinko
• Slot machine
• Video Lottery Terminal
• Video poker

With the advancement of Internet, the online casino games have become quite popular. The basic rules for the conventional casino games and online version are almost same. But, the presentation is different. Many of these games like roulette, blackjack, pachinko, baccarat and many others are available online and people enjoy playing these sitting at home.

• Blackjack
Blackjack is a table game where skill actually matters, the game is really popular and played by thousands of people worldwide. The basic strategy is to reduce the house edge and increase you chances of winning.

• Slots
Slot machines are fast and furious, they can be located in many pubs or bars as well at online casino sites. they are easy to play and a player puts in some money hoping to earn a larger proportion of money invested on chance.

• Roulette
This is a true classic casino game where the house edge is smaller than in most other games. It’s a game where anything could happen and with so many bets to choose from you could win or lose at any spin.

• Video Poker
Video poker combines the thrill of poker with the pace of the slot machine. Runs, flushes, Royal flushes and pairs could all win you a prize depending on the machine you play on.

• Craps
Craps is a fast paced dice game and house edge is small, if the right bets are made.

• Keno
In this game, the more numbers you hit the more money you win.

• Baccarat
Baccarat is an easy full of action with a low house edge.

For learning the games there are may online tutorials with video clips of actual casino shots. You should make yourself conversant on the rules and the casino etiquettes!

Source by Andy Fullard

Palaimon Cards – Custom Playing Cards

Custom Printed Playing Cardsare a great way to present your message with impact. It puts in the hands of your target audience a fun and memorable gift that they may enjoy for months or even years, always remembering your brand and organization. Our long list of happy clients for custom playing cards is due to consistent speedy turnarounds, conscientious customer service, and unparalleled product quality. Promotional Playing Cards made in collaboration with our design department can be one of the lowest CPM marketing vehicles available to advertisers, marketers and agencies. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from putting a fun and reusable item, emblazoned with their brand and message, in the hands of their target audience. The recent popularity of decks like “Iraq’s Most Wanted” and card games like “Texas Hold ‘Em” have given playing cards a more significant role in people’s lives.

Few gifts are more precious and memorable than a customized individual gift. One particular favorites are personalized wedding favors, which are essentially custom personalized playing cards with images of the happy couple. This informative website provides a wealth of information and resources regarding every aspect of custom personalized playing cards. One of its most popular services is the personalized wedding favors service. This offers couples the opportunity to design 52 images of themselves and their relatives and guests, and place them on a customized deck of playing cards. Here are many ways in which you can personalize your greeting card

and make it unique and meaningful to those who’ll be receiving it. Cards for special occasions should symbolize that in some way, through imagery related to the occasion. Cards meant to be sent as souvenirs from specific locations, however, should concentrate on presenting that place in a pleasant, favourable light, in order to evoke warm feelings in the recipient. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your greeting card printing and amaze your customers.

Though mostly used by establishment such as casinos, personal users have presently increased in using personalized poker cards. Did you even know that you can give them as birthday or anniversary gifts? However, you can also choose customized decks and playing surfaces. The great and reassuring confidence that they tend to input on owners of the customized deck of cards is contributing in their use even in amateur groups. The Internet sites which advertise this type of business have much information on this.

Source by michael

Support Your Favorite Sport With A Sports Visa Credit Card

Sport visa credit cards are becoming more and more popular with sport fans. Some of these cards are designed with a sport theme while others have the logo of a particular sport team printed on them. A few examples of sports credit cards include NFL Extra Points Visa Credit Card, NASCAR RacePoints Visa Credit Car, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Rewards Visa Credit Card and World Series of Poker Visa Card.

These credit cards allow the cardholders to earn points for every purchase they made. These points can be used to redeem brand name merchandise or discount on purchase of sport equipment. During promotion period, cardholders may also enjoy special privilege such as priority booking of sport event tickets.

For example, NFL cardholders will receive a fifty-dollar gift card after they have made their first qualifying transaction. The gift card can be used to purchase gifts at the website. In addition, each dollar spent will earn reward points, which can be used to redeem NFL merchandise, tickets, and VIP passes to NFL experiences.

For poker fans, the World Series of Poker Visa card allow them to earn points and redeem WSOP Buy-ins including the Texas Holdem World Championship, which is a major event for poker players and fans. Similarly, motorsport enthusiasts will benefit from a NASCAR RacePoints Visa Credit Card as they can use their reward points to redeem exclusive NASCAR collectibles and experiences. These NASCAR experiences include access to driver-introduction red carpet area and being a crew member for a day.

Some sport visa credit cards offer more than just reward points. You can help in the environment conservation efforts as well. A good example is the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Rewards Visa Credit Card.
With each purchase charged to this card, the Bass Pro Shops and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation will make a contribution to help conservation efforts, with a guaranteed yearly contribution as high as $1.5 million, at no additional cost to you. Thus the more you use the card, the more you are contributing to the environment conservation effort.

Most of these sports card have a zero introductory APR for the first 12 months and they do not come with an annual fee. Some of them also offer 100% fraud protection as well as online account access and points management. The latter is very convenient for the cardholders to track and manage their expense.

If you have been rooting for your favorite sport or team with T-shirts and bumper stickers, maybe it is time you consider getting a sport visa credit card. It is another excellent way to support and promote your favorite sport or team.

Source by Stephen Chua

Celebrity Poker Tournament At Playboy Mansion

Celebrities, Playmates and poker – that’s definitely a winning combination for charities these days and what participants will find at the Second Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament and Casino Night at the Playboy Mansion.

Kim Kardashian together with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe are hosting this spectacular celebrity poker tournament! There will be a special surprises and musical performances that will surely blow you away!! With special participation of 11th time World Series Of Poker champion Phil Hellmuth.

This charitable poker event offers a night of partying on the grounds of the legendary playboy mansion mixing and mingling with dozens of beautiful playboy playmates, bunnies & models, celebrities and professional athletes.

The highlights include 5-star gourmet food from the master-chefs in the playboy mansion kitchen and unlimited premium liquor flowing from several bars and vip cabanas. join us as the participants test their skills alongside the celebrities in the texas hold‘em poker tournament all while supporting a worthy cause.

Win your share of over $50,000.00 in prizes – including: the grand prize package of the ultimate vegas fantasy getaway – a super luxury fantasy vegas vacation total value of the package exceeds $25,000 VIP foursome at golf gone wild golf tournament featuring 150 nude body painted models high roller suite for four days & three nights limo transportation helicopter tour of vegas strip and grand canyon skydiving trip $2500 in casino chips $1000 food/beverage/spa credit vip passes to hottest nightspots airfare to las vegas vip ticket to 2010 aces & angels at the playboy mansion second through eight (all final table participants) will receive prizes celebrities scheduled to appear – and more being added daily!

The proceeds from this important fund raising event benefit very worthy 501(c)(3) non profit organizations. including the Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association’s Widows, Orphans and Injured Firefighters Fund, The Los Angeles County Firemen’s Benefit and Welfare Association, The Orange County Professional Firefighters Association’s Fallen Firemen’s Fund, and The Sunshine Kids Foundation which assists children who are hospitalized with cancer.


Choose and grab a ticket now:


For only $2,500 and includes VIP Transportation to Playboy Mansion, Red Carpet Entry to Playboy Mansion Celebrity Gala, Access to Playboy Mansion Grounds, Pool and World Famous Grotto, Five Star Gourmet Dinner, Unlimited Premium Liquor, Pass to Pre-Event VIP Cocktail Reception with the Playmates & Celebrities, Playmate Guided Tour of the Grounds, Access to VIP Cabana Area, One Entry into Celebrity Poker Tournament and Casino Night Games, and VIP Gift Bag’.


For only $1,500 and includes Transportation to Playboy Mansion, Entry to Playboy Mansion Celebrity Gala, Access to Playboy Mansion Grounds, Pool and World Famous Grotto, Five Star Gourmet Dinner, Unlimited Premium Liquor, Entry into Celebrity Poker Tournament and Casino Night Games, Gift Bag.

60 Lucky Tickets for the HIGH ROLLER VIP TICKETS

Includes a FREE custom Playboy Poker Table Autographed By the Playmates and Celebrities!!

Also includes a VIP Transportation to Playboy Mansion, Red Carpet Entry to Playboy Mansion Celebrity Gala, Access to Playboy Mansion Grounds, Pool & World Famous Grotto, Five Star Gourmet Dinner, Unlimited Premium Liquor, Pass to Pre-Event VIP Cocktail Reception with the Playmates, Bunnies & Celebrities, Playmate Guided Tour of the Grounds, Access to VIP Cabana Area, One Entry into Celebrity Poker Tournament and Casino Night Games, High Roller Gift Bag.


For $1,000 your ticket includes Transportation to Playboy Mansion, Entry to Playboy Mansion Celebrity Gala, Access to Playboy Mansion Grounds, Pool & World Famous Grotto, Five Star Gourmet Dinner, Unlimited Premium Liquor, Casino Night Games, Gift Bag (does not include entry into Celebrity Poker Tournament).






Phil Hellmuth – Poker Superstar

Jayde Nicole – 2008 Playmate of the Year

Mo Collins – Comic from MadTV

Pamela Adlon – Marcy on Californication

The Ikki Twins – Playboy & MTV’s Double Shot at Love

Jamie Gold – 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion

DJ Tamara Sky– Playboy Playmate

Bruce Jenner – US Olympic Gold Medalist

Gavin Smith – Poker Star

Don Felder – Guitar Player – The Eagles

Ryan Cabrera – Recording Artist

David Williams – Runner Up 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event

Shannon Elizabeth – American Pie – Dancing with the Stars – Playboy

Sara Jean Underwood – Playmate of the Year 2007

Christina Lindley – Playboy & Maxim – Actress & Poker Pro

Greg Raymer – WSOP Main Event Champion 2004

ANT – Host of Celebrity Fit Club

Tone Loc – Recording Artist

Liv Boeree – 2008 European Ladies Champion

Jerri Manthey – Survivor – Playboy

Ryan Starr – American Idol

Omarossa – The Apprentice

Trishelle Cannatella – Real World Las Vegas

Nenad Medic – Poker Pro

EvelDick Donato – Winner Big Brother 8

Viktoria Foxx – Miss Myspace USA 2007

Lena Yada – WWE Diva

Heather Chadwell – Rock of Love

Jesse Preston – Playboy

Jose Canseco – Oakland A’s

Jay Davis – Dane Cook’s Tourgasm

Jessica Custodio Davis – Actress & Model

Richie Kotzen – Guitar Player – Poison / Mr. Big

Alecko Eskandarian – Professional Soccer Player Chivas USA

Annie Duke – Poker Star & Celebrity Apprentice

Steve Danneman – Runner Up 2005 World Series Main Event

Shana Wall – The Amazing Race

Jim Fox – Los Angels Kings Legend & Announcer

Hal Sparks – Actor

Shanna Moakler – Playboy & Meet the Barkers

Nicole Richie-Madden – The Simple Life

Play and mingle at the Playboy Mansion on Saturday July 11, 2009.

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