Gambling in Nevada

Situated in the western region of the United States, Nevada is known as the silver state, not because of its rich gambling history but originally because of the large silver lodes discovered there in the late nineteenth century. A state that is largely comprised of desert, it is an interesting fact that more than eighty percent of Nevada’s land mass is controlled by the US military, and there are some immense bases there. When you consider that the total population of Nevada is less than two and a half million and the land mass is almost three hundred thousand square kilometers, then you will understand that the average Nevadan has a lot of space, and most of it empty, surrounding them.

Although Nevada has its share of industry and agriculture, by far and away the largest share of its income is in tourism, and particularly from those people who flock to the vast gambling centers in Reno and especially Las Vegas. Over 85% of the population of Nevada lives in and around these two centers, and the majority will be involved directly in the gambling industry or in the services surrounding it. One wonders what would have been the fate of Nevada if their early legislators had not possessed the vision and foresight to legalize gambling. In truth, gambling was illegal in Nevada from 1909 till 1931. Legal gambling was reintroduced, not really due to public demand, but because the state’s government felt that they had nothing to lose, such was the sorry state of Nebraska’s economy due to the grim depression era of that time. It would be unfair to say that the gambling industry in Nevada was an overnight success and in fact it wasn’t till the post war boom years of the fifties and sixties that gambling in Nevada began to make the massive step forward that it did.

This was due to the foresight and daring of a few pioneers of the gambling industry in the state, who were prepared to invest in the long term future of the state and the gambling industry that they believed could be established there. The state of Nevada played no small part, and their liberal laws based around many forms of popular entertainment acted as a major incentive in drawing visitors to the state. These visitors brought with them valuable tax dollars as well as much needed jobs.

Initially Nevada attracted gamblers from its neighboring states, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Utah and most prominently California. People would catch an early flight from Los Angeles to spend a long weekend in Las Vegas or Reno and enjoy all the latest entertainers as well as spending time gambling at their table favorites such as blackjack, craps and roulette. For those who loved to watch the slot wheels spin, there were rows and rows of machines available wherever you went, even at the airport when you arrived. Not that gambling was illegal in any of these states, just that it was nowhere as well developed as it was in Nevada.

Over the years the gambling industry has developed to such fantastic proportions that the state has become a global tourist attraction. In recent years, the casino resorts and hotels have fought to exceed themselves both in the luxurious surroundings they provide as well as the innovative attractions they provide for their visitors.

Some of the major attractions Las Vegas has provided over recent years are the huge live televised Texas Hold’em poker tournaments, with the jewel in the crown being the final of the World Poker Tour, with a first prize of one million dollars in cash. Many of the contestants taking part have won their seat at the table through winning a major online texas hold’em poker tournament, and some of them have even taken home one of the major prizes that are there to be had. Gambling in Nevada continues to go from strength to strength and there is no reason to expect that it will ever go backwards. Nevada is an example of a forward thinking state that realized that gambling is entertainment to the majority and should be encouraged.

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General and Specific Rules of Poker German Players Need to Know

There are many different poker games and each one has its own rules. However, there are general rules of poker that apply to any game, whether you play in Germany or online. The main rule is that when you want to play in a round of poker you must pay the appropriate buy in for that particular game, which is usually ten times the maximum bet being played in the game. If there is a specific amount of money you have to pay to buy into a game, this will be made known before the game starts. In all German poker competitions, you have to buy in if you want to play and have a chance to win.

On occasion there are misdeals in poker. There are specific rules that apply, such as a misdeal can only be called before two German poker players have acted on the cards they hold. Some of the instances in which a misdeal may be called are:

– the first or second card dealt is exposed making it visible to other players.

– the dealer has dealt extra cards

– a player receives the wrong number of cards

– a card has been dealt out of sequence

A player that does not want to make a bet on his/her hand can throw it away. In this case the hand is dead and cannot be retrieved.

The smallest chip used in a poker game is the smallest bet a German player can use. Check raise is allowed in most poker games. The only exceptions are in certain games of lowball. There is no limit on how much German poker players can raise in both no-limit and pot limit games.

Anyone that watches poker on TV will see that there are certain rules associated with the players actions at the table. These actions are also part of the rules of the game.  For example, when a player raps his/her hand on the table, this means they are going to pass. There are also rules of etiquette associated with playing poker, such as no collusion between players that could be construed as cheating.

Both Texas Hold and Omaha poker have similar playing rules. The players receive their cards and decide to place a bet based on what they hold in their hands.  The dealer then discards the top card from the deck and turns over three cards. After this players make another bet on the combination of their cards and the community cards. The dealer will turn over two more cards one at a time, called the turn and the river. Betting resumes after each card. After the river card is played then a winner is determined by which player has the best hand.

In Texas Hold, each player receives two cards, while in Omaha, each one receives four cards. these cards are used to make winning hands with the cards the dealer turns over, but in Omaha, a player can make a high hand and a low hand. The same card in the player hand, though, cannot be used to form both of these hands.

Then there are rules for other poker games, such as seven card stud, low ball, no-limit and pot limit games.

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The problem of the legal definition of Poker

I lost count of the emails asking me where are organized poker games live. I tell them that this is prohibited and they do not understand that there are websites that advertise meetings or small tournaments in some cities.
Unfortunately poker is considered routinely as a game of chance and gambling are prohibited in France (Act No. 83-628 of 12 July 1983) unless special permission of the Prefecture for a tournament. I doubt that all of the tournaments advertised on the Internet all have a permit, proof, several sites are closed each year.

As usual, France can be proud to own in this area the greatest legal limbo that is.
In simple terms, the law prohibits the practice of gambling establishments outside sworn namely casinos. The problem is that there is no precise definition of what constitutes gambling, or, failing that, an accurate list of games involved. However, an accurate list would be a really bad solution because it would bring to controversy over many games, so that a clear definition would highlight the games concerned, and therefore those who would not!
To concentrate on the game that interests us, poker, looking for a legal definition of gambling. There are not any!
Then seek a text saying that poker is a game of chance. There are a half! How is this possible? Decree No. 59-1489 of 22 December 1959 amended by Decree No. 96-808 of September 10, 1996, Art. 1 states:
” May be allowed in casinos gambling following: … stud poker casino … . And here is a fudge more. The decree, which also was not a law specifies a particular variation of poker, the ‘stud’, and in a particular place, casinos. So conversely, outside casinos, stud poker is a game of chance. What about other poker games like Texas Hold’em?
Francis Montmirel remarked to me that the problem was solved for a judicial decision of May 28, 1930 (May 28, 1930 Case of the Criminal Division, DH 1930.397): “So are games of chance, poker, bingo games () small horses (). “
Yes, except that the courts have no force of law, no court is obliged to follow the conclusions of this decision in 1930 during another trial. One may also wonder about the fact that no other jurisdiction has been notified of the problem since 1930, while daring to make a different decision.

In addition, consider how the poker as gambling, while professionals live this intellectual art. A daily practice and a certain intelligence are needed for this game, which has nothing to chance, but rather an intellectual game of skill.
Finally, I would not go back on the details of other legal texts governing games of chance (Section 410 of the Penal Code art.1965 of the Civil Code, the General Tax Code, case law etc. …) because we will consider that The objective of this paper is to remove the shackles of poker gambling.

For my part I consider that no current law forbids the practice poker in France, even with gains of money.
One exception: stud poker to be played in casinos.
A risk is the possibility of being brought before the court on the grounds of the jurisprudence of 1930 (which may however be challenged by any court).

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Why You Are Already Playing Against Poker Bots

Download Poker Bot

If you have played online poker for any length of time, you have almost certainly played against a poker bot at one point or another. Poker bots are in such widespread use because some of the newer programs are virtually undetectable and this can quite a competitive edge in both normal play and tournaments. A poker bot will look at it’s hand, the cards on the river, and calculate what odds the other players have of holding a hand that is superior to yours. Such software will not win a game for someone every time, but it sure can get the owner a better than 50% win rate sometimes.

Online poker rooms do not usually allow players to use a bot when they are playing poker, this is because of the level of advantage using one can give you over the other players in the room. Poker software uses advanced algorithms and knows every hand other players can possibly be holding. This is the reason so many people are employing bots when they play poker online. Not only is it a more tactical way to play, a player can leave a poker bot in a room while they aren’t even home and make money while they are a way! Yes, sad but true, and this is something you will run into if you haven’t already.

So how do you know if you are playing against automated poker software? There really is no surefire way to tell. The poker rooms do what they can to detect and stop this kind of thing from happening, but they are not all powerful, and programmers have become increasing clever when it comes to avoiding detection. A pro poker player with years of experience will be able to beat bots much more frequently than a new player, but even they will not win as frequently as they normally do when playing people in general. Do you remember the chess champion a few years back that lost to chess playing software?

That should highlight how much an advantage software can really be when actually playing people. Poker is much different than chess however, and the programming will not be quite on the same level as the chess program mentioned above. Poker is first and foremost a game of skill, that’s a fact, but there is also an element of chance that will not allow software to completely dominate the game. It is disconcerting knowing you are playing against algorithms and computer code. Some people believe that bots are taking all of the fun out of online poker, while others think it really is not that big of an issue.

Regardless of how you feel about it, there is no denying that bot usage is steadily growing on the Internet poker scene. Poker rooms are constantly working on new ways to identify and reprimand users who are using automated software in their game rooms, but it is not a very easy job. There are thousands of programmers out there that know the programming languages that these rooms use, and due to their extensive knowledge of the type of programming the poker rooms use, can make sidestepping any security measure quite easy if they are talented.

It is easy to understand why people would want to use a bot. The bot knows all the odds, calculates everything, and always makes the best possible play according to it’s programming. A bot will not be affected by emotions and will not have any problems with greed (unless it is programmed that way!). A bot gives a great advantage to those who play only for the money. People who like to play just for fun will probably not mind quite as much, but I still do not imagine anyone being happy after learning they just lost a hand to a robot. Keep it in mind when you play online, that you may not be playing against a human. If you suspect there is a bot on your table, there is little you can do besides report it to the site owner and leave the table.

Buy Poker Bot

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Pureplay – Free & Paid Membership…what’s the Diff?

At time of writing (8th March 2008), PurePlay has 2 versions of their games.

* Free membership
* Paid membership

1. Free PurePlay membership

For those users who wish to try PurePlay before they buy it, a basic membership is available for free. This membership enables users to compete in dozens of tournaments for a daily prize that totals $20,000.


* There are no deposits of any kind
* No credit card needed
* Play free and cash out


Users see a barrage of ads at the periphery of the gaming interface. Winnings are paid for by Sponsors that display ads to free users.

2. Paid PurePlay Membership

In this membership, you pay a $19.99 monthly fee. Players Club Members receive these benefits:

* Entry into cash tournaments with over $100,000 in monthly prizes
* A proprietary performance rating based on your play
* Player statistics
* Skill-level based tournaments
* No ads, no interruptions
* Live Phone Support
* Live Chat customer service
* Exclusive Player’s Club Newsletters
* Membership at the largest, legal U.S. poker site that pays cash daily

You’ll be provided with virtual chips, which you will use in your poker games.

The most you can ever spend to compete for thousands of dollars and to receive VIP member benefits is $19.99/month because you never wager money, just virtual chips.

Here’s also an article of interest from the San Franciso chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

Matt Villano

Since the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006, “online poker” has become a bit of a misnomer. Sure, gamblers can play it, but in most cases, the play is unrealistic, as most sites pit players against one another for fake money that can be replenished at any time.

PurePlay, a site from the San Francisco company with the same name, changes everything. The site, at, enables poker players to play competitively and win real prizes without requiring them to risk hard-earned cash. So far, more than 2 million players have signed up, making it the largest play-for-cash site in the United States.

Similar sites exist elsewhere on the Internet (one of them, the National League of Poker, has been profiled in this column), but most require players to interact in one way or another with sponsors.

PurePlay bases the bulk of its profit model on an entirely different concept: membership.

For $20 a month, players can compete in as many as 1,500 tournaments for a total of $150,000 in prizes. Co-founder and CEO Jason Kellerman says the company has given away $2.8 million in prizes since the Web site launched in November 2005.

“Good play and great prizes,” he says. “That’s what we’re all about.”

As Kellerman suggests, playing on PurePlay is simple. After visiting the Web site, users download a Win32 client to their computer. This software program, which is smaller than most MP3 files, is the gaming interface; it provides users with the only way to compete in the site’s regular No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, and 7-Card Stud poker tournaments.

For those users who wish to try PurePlay before they buy it, a basic membership is available for free. This membership enables users to compete in dozens of tournaments for a daily prize that totals $20,000. The downside? As at other poker sites, users see a barrage of ads at the periphery of the gaming interface.

As an alternative, PurePlay touts its premium membership, known simply as the Players Club. To join, users sign up for the monthly subscription and can play immediately. The site gives every user 1,000 virtual chips every 24 hours, and users can spend this fake money to bankroll their play in as many as 50 tournaments a day.

Top finishers in each tournament are paid with real cash. Payouts range from $10 to $20,000. Over time, players receive a ranking based upon their performance; this information is displayed in the gaming interface at all times. PurePlay also uses it to invite players of certain caliber to compete in special tournaments.

PurePlay plans to add other games to the stable, expanding tournament play to include other card and dice games. Ultimately, Kellerman says the site could offer just as much gaming variety as many of the most popular Las Vegas casinos. Local cardrooms, beware.

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How to Better Understand the Game of 3 Card Poker

This interesting game of poker allows you to play two completely different card games either at the same time or separately. These games which you will find in 3 card poker are known as Ante and Pairplus.

Each of these card games in 3 card poker has different combinations of hands – which by the way consists of only 3 cards – and the amount of times that you are likely to encounter these hands. To better understand the game of 3 card poker we will look at these separate games a little more closely. This means the type and amount of hands will be noted. The combination times and the probability of these combinations occurring will also be noted down.

So we will look at Pairplus first. To play this 3 card poker game does not require any type of poker skills on your part at all. You will not have to perform any of the poker tricks and skills such as raising and discarding your cards. In short all that you need to play this game is a good combination of cards.

There are certain card hands which can be used to give you a good hand of poker. These hands are Straight flush, Three of a kind, Straight, Flush, Pair, Queen to ace high and Jack high or less. While these are the card combinations that you can get there are variations of these cards. In this game of 3 card poker you will be paid according to the value of the cards that you hold.

For the 3 card poker game of Ante there is general a wager that is placed on the game. the game will start only after this bet has been placed. In this game you have the choice of raising your card or folding them. When you fold your hand however you will lose the wager. Since you can also play Pairplus with this game, by folding the game you stand to lose out in the Pairplus game to.

You may choose on the other hand to raise your stakes in the game of Ante in which case you will need to play against the dealer. There are four possible routes that you can take by playing with the dealer. these combinations will allow you the chance of winning against the house but you must be prepared to lose everything that you have placed as a wager.

Like all of the poker games this 3 card poker game is fun to watch as it is to play. The really great thing about playing 3 card poker is that you have the ability of playing two different poker games at the same time and a chance of winning a wager.

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Pai Gow Poker, How to Play and What You Need

Are you sick of Three Card Poker and Texas Hold ‘Em? Well, there is another type of poker you may want to try out, that is Pai Gow Poker. The things you will need for this game are Folding poker tables, folding chairs, playing cards, poker chips, and of course players. This game can be played with 2 or more players. Keep reading to for the rules of the game.

1. First all the players place bets and are dealt seven cards.

2. Each player then forms their best five-card and two-card hands to compete with the dealer’s hands.

3. The five-card hand must be stronger than the smaller hand.

4. A winner is declared once a player beats both of the dealer’s hands with his best hands.

5. Winning only one hand which happens most of the time, results in a tie.

There are many variations on the game of poker. When you get bored with your circles’ routine, simply suggest a game like Pai Gow. There are other really fun games to check out, try Chinese poker or Seven Card Stud. Just make sure you have the appropriate poker tables, playing cards, and poker chips if necessary. After that, all bets are on you.

If you are playing other types of poker remember that the following are the hand rankings in increasing order.

Straight Flush: This is when three cards of the same suit are in sequential order.

Three of a Kind: This is simply any three cards of equal value.

Straight: Three cards in sequence wearing different suits.

Flush: This is three cards of the same suit.

Pair: Simply two cards of equal rank.

High Card: This refers to the highest card in your hand.

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Playing Multiple Tables in Online Poker

When you first start playing online poker, you may think that it is boring. You sit at a table and wait until all the other players make their moves. You can’t see their faces so you can’t really read their expressions. You can chat online, but at the same time, you probably play another computer game or look at other Internet sites while you wait. By playing only one table, you won’t win a lot of money because the pot isn’t that big, especially if you are a beginner with Italian online poker and you don’t want to take a chance at losing a lot of money. The key to winning in online poker is to play multiple tables at the same time.

The practice of playing several tables at the same time is called multi-tabling. It simply means that you are sitting at several tables and have a chance of winning more money. This is true whether you play limit or no-limit poker and whether the pot is high or low. It is one of the most valuable strategies that Italian players use for online poker to increase their chances of winning. Just about all of the inline poker sites have special software that lest you sit at multiple poker tables so that you play two, three or four games simultaneously. You can have all the tables showing on your screen so that you can set them out in whatever order you wish. For example, if you are playing four tables, each table would take up a quarter of your computer screen.

As a beginner, it is probably bets to get used to playing two tables at the same time and when you are able to maintain your focus on both tables, you can expand to three and four. Even the professional online poker players never play more than six tables at a time. Being able to focus on all the tables will definitely increase your rate of wins.

One of the factors that you have to consider when multi-tabling is how to select the tables to play at. You will have a variety of poker tables to select from and most of these will likely have a combination of weak and strong players. If there are a lot of poker tables, then this will tell you that the action is quite fast-paced. Some of the decisions you have to make in online poker are more difficult than they would be if you were playing face to face in a casino. There is less to observe because you can only see the table and you have to make a decision based on your cards at first and then the cards turned over in the flop, the turn and the river.

Always stick to the same game when playing more than one table. This means that if you are playing Texas Hold’Em on one table, you shouldn’t play Omaha at another. When you have to switch between tables that have different rules, it is much easier to lose focus or to become tangled up in which game you are playing at a table.

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Basic Rules On How To Play Razz Poker

If you like playing poker and are a constant at Texas hold ’em tables, you may consider learning a new game to widen your playing abilities. Additionally, the more games you learn, the quicker you can participate in HORSE tournaments which are common fun alternatives to standard Hold ’em tournaments given they are a change of pace and a much more aggressive quick tournament than Hold ’em. One game that composes HORSE but will probably be fairly new to you as it is not so common in the casinos and in neighborhood poker tournaments is Razz. Razz is played with the same traditional 2-8 players, but the objective is to have the lowest set of cards at the end to win the pot. After this point, RAZZ quickly differentiates from standard poker so pay close attention to the instructions if you want to learn.

First off in Razz, there are no straights or flushes, and remember that you do not want the high hand, so any pairs, even if they are high pairs, are going to count against you in the end. Therefore, you will have to kick that initial rise in anticipation after being dealt a pocket pair, because for once, you don’t want them. In Razz, the lowest card is an Ace as it counts as a one, so having one in your hole is a good thing, and if you have to have a pair, a pair of aces is the way to go, so you can still anticipate being dealt a pocket ACE.

As the game begins, each player is dealt their hole, two cards face down. At this point each player will also be dealt on card face up on the table. From this point, the betting commences with the player with the highest face up card has to begin the betting. This is similar to playing with blinds because they are forced to begin bidding, but unlike traditional poker games, if the cards randomly deal in a certain manner, the same person may be forced to start the bidding every round. This is done so that the highest card holder in the first round is never allowed to fold out from the beginning, thus making the game more interesting as strategy has to be employed in a lot greater detail to win a hand.

Now you are considered to have three cards, and after the betting has closed, the fourth card will be dealt face up and betting will commence in the same format. All regular rules of poker, betting, folding, and checking are in place. Next comes the fifth and the sixth deals, but the difference is, not the player who is dealt the lowest card begins the bidding. Finally the seventh card is dealt and after a round of betting players lay down their two hole cards to see who wins the pot with the lowest pot. While it may be confusing at first, after a few rounds you should be able to catch on and have a great deal of fun.

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All About Big Slick Poker Tables

Big Slick poker tables come in three different varieties. You can have a table with spaces for ten people, a table that seats ten people and has a dealer tray or a smaller table that seats eight players. These tables have designated places where the players will sit. You can also get cheaper tables that do not have these designated spots that seat both ten and eight players.

The surface of these tables is padded and covered with velveteen material. This makes it easier for players to slide their cards across the table when they fold or are involved in a showdown after the river card is played. The track of the table is made from maple. The wood used measures ?inch and has a very glossy finish due to the clear stain used. There are no seams in the rail around the table that is made from 1 inch foam. Vinyl is used to wrap the foam and it is in one full piece. The cup holders on the table are large enough to accommodate a bottle of beer, a can of pop or a glass. The legs of the tables collapse, which makes it easy to store these tables when they are not in use.

Tables are not the only products that this company sells. If you have a table that does not have the drink containers built in, you can have them attached to the table at the side of each player. They also have a flat top so that you have a place by your side on which you can lay your snack. You can also order a 1000-piece set of poker chips that come in a black aluminum case. Card guards are available in gold or silver and you can choose from six styles when ordering your cards, which are the official cards of the World Series of Poker.

Since the tables are custom built, you can truly have a designer table for your poker games. Some of the various choices you have when you place an order include:

– Choice of poker cloth. The cloth for the poker table is available in fifteen different colors.

– Choice of Vinyl for covering the foam. The two most popular choices of faux leather coverings are black and carbon fibre, but you do have a choice between twenty-five other colors.

– Choice of wood for racetrack. In addition to maple, you can have your table made from oak, cherry, walnut or mahogany .

– Choice of legs. There are three leg styles to choose from: round cast iron base, X-base and an optional footrest.

You can even have the cloth on the table customized to include any design you wish, such as having your name on the cloth.

When you want to have a room in your home where you can hold a poker game for your friends, these tables are the ultimate in poker furniture. The fact that they fold up makes it easy for you to store them when not in use and you just have to take them out when you plan to have a game.

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