Debt and Gambling

On the bottom of every bankruptcy petition there is one question which asks, “Have you lost any money to gambling in the last two years, and if so how much. Earlier this year for a client I had to answer “yes £15,000”.

If you have been looking for solutions to gambling debt problems you will have come across a few sites all with a similar message which is that there are solutions available to you but you must want to change your behaviour pattern to give any of them a chance.

Most of us have a flutter every April on the Grand National, at times it seems that the whole nation has a £1 on a rollover Lotto, but now with the advent of internet bingo and casino’s and the rise in the popularity of poker, 10% of the population gamble on line. Huge problems are being stored up which may only become apparent later on.

Help with debt have a solution which may work for those committed to change their behaviour. If you gamble away the household budget there needs to be a fundamental change of approach if you intend to repay your debt. We would need you to get your monthly expenses under control and provide us with an agreed figure to pay to your creditors without fail each month. After a period of time we would be able to approach your creditors with a formal and structured proposal to repay the balance over a longer term period. We would require that you attend something like GA to keep you on the plan and that way you can avoid bankruptcy and get your life back.

If you are reading this you will be at one of the three phases which have been recognised for a problem gambler.

You may be lucky and be that gambler who is on a winning streak and yet understands that their luck will change and that when it does, they will still gamble and lose money they cannot afford to, and so wish to change. As I say you may be, but I suspect not.

You may be in your losing phase, where your luck has run out, or that first big win was now some time ago. Most of your time is now spent thinking about getting the next win, because everything will be better the, and you can stop. But you don’t win do you. You are still behind the game and losses are mounting to a stage that you cannot now cover up.

You might actually have reached the desperation phase. Your every thought is consumed with making that next an ultimate winning bet or streak. You have no money to gamble, your losses can’t be recouped, and your relationships and work are being lost.

If you have finished reading this, well done because it cannot be comfortable reading. Now you need to take the next step to stop gambling, and call for some help. Either call us or online websites such as Gamcare offer advice on gambling addiction and include an online forum for people who are looking to find ways to deal with their issues. You can chat anonymously to others who have experienced, or experiencing similar problems to yourself without embarrassment.

Source by Steve Thatcher

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