Pai Gow Poker, How to Play and What You Need

Are you sick of Three Card Poker and Texas Hold ‘Em? Well, there is another type of poker you may want to try out, that is Pai Gow Poker. The things you will need for this game are Folding poker tables, folding chairs, playing cards, poker chips, and of course players. This game can be played with 2 or more players. Keep reading to for the rules of the game.

1. First all the players place bets and are dealt seven cards.

2. Each player then forms their best five-card and two-card hands to compete with the dealer’s hands.

3. The five-card hand must be stronger than the smaller hand.

4. A winner is declared once a player beats both of the dealer’s hands with his best hands.

5. Winning only one hand which happens most of the time, results in a tie.

There are many variations on the game of poker. When you get bored with your circles’ routine, simply suggest a game like Pai Gow. There are other really fun games to check out, try Chinese poker or Seven Card Stud. Just make sure you have the appropriate poker tables, playing cards, and poker chips if necessary. After that, all bets are on you.

If you are playing other types of poker remember that the following are the hand rankings in increasing order.

Straight Flush: This is when three cards of the same suit are in sequential order.

Three of a Kind: This is simply any three cards of equal value.

Straight: Three cards in sequence wearing different suits.

Flush: This is three cards of the same suit.

Pair: Simply two cards of equal rank.

High Card: This refers to the highest card in your hand.

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