Advice for Playing in Deep Stack Tournaments

A deep stack tournament is a poker tournament in which each player starts off with a stack of chips that is relatively high compared to the amount of the blind or the size of the pot. Such tournaments originally started in online poker, but are now held in land based poker tournaments as well. The fact that each player starts out with a large number of chips means that there are usually a lot of forced bets and that the game is not as fast paced as a regular poker game. It takes longer to play the game because the players can stay in longer and it will take longer to win any amount of money.

Each player starts of f with a stack of 5000 chips instead of the standard 1500. In a typical poker tournaments, the amount of the blinds rise every fifteen minutes, but in this type of tournament they rise every half hour. Many players make the mistake of playing too many hands because they have more chips at their disposal, which can in turn lead to bigger losses, especially at the beginning of a game. It is important not to change the strategy you use for the pre flop when playing this type of tournament just because you have more chips to work with.

Players look really impressive with a large stack of chips in front of them. One helpful bit of advice for those playing a tournament for the first time is to not pay attention to the size of the other players?stacks. Concentrate on your own stack and the cards you are dealt to make your decisions about whether you play the hand, raise the bet or fold. You don have to try to double up to stay in the game.

Having lots of patience is the key to being successful in a tournament where you have more than triple the usual number of chips. You should realize from the beginning that this is going to be a long game and if you want to be still at the table at the end, you need to be patient and carefully place your bids. You can expect to see double the number of hands than in a regular tournament, so just bide your time and fold whenever you feel you should.

Going all in early in the tournament is not a good strategy to use. The blinds are going to increase, although at a slower pace. Eventually the size of the pot will be quite large. In order to have a chance at winning a sizeable pot, you do need to be still seated at the table by the time the 5th or 6th round comes around. This is when you will see increases in the blinds that mean winning a pot will give you a larger number of chips.

Although you will spend more time at the table, if you fold when you have to, this will give you more opportunity to study your opponents and get to learn how to read them better. Then when you reach the stage where there is a large amount of money in the pot, you will be in a better position to know which ones have good cards and which ones are bluffing.

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