Gambling in Nebraska

Located on the Great Plains of the United States of America, the state of Nebraska has become one of the leading agricultural centers of the country. Nebraska’s specialty is in raising beef and pork, as well as corn and soya bean staples. It is no wonder that Nebraska’s one and three quarter million population are known as “cornhuskers”. Nebraska also has a fairly extensive Native American population. Gambling in Nebraska is largely controlled by this subset of the population.

A magnanimous gesture by the US congress allows the Native Americans sovereignty on their land which is what allows them to control casino gambling on their reservations, providing them with much needed income in this state, which has rarely known times of plenty. Even today, with the remarkable increases in income through successful farming, average income in the state is low, sitting at two thirds of the national average.

Bordered by South Dakota, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming Nebraska has many tourist attractions. These include some fairly spectacular Fossil Beds made from Agate, national monuments such as Homestead, and the Scotts Bluff National Monuments. The Chimney Rock National Historic Site as well as an authentic recreation of a pioneer village at the town of Minden among other attractions depicting the history of the state. The state capitol of Omaha is home to the world famous Joslyn Art Museum as well as the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Omaha is also home to the offices of the Berkshire Hathaway company, whose Chief Executive Officer is none other than Mr. Warren Buffet, ranked as being the second-richest person in the world. Buffets’s simple philosophy of business and life is steeped in Nebraskan tradition. Currently Warren Buffet is working in tandem with the World’s wealthiest man, Bill Gates, to donate the bulk of both their fortunes, around $100 billion dollars to a variety of world wide charities. Warren Buffet was and remains one of the principle lobbyists to congress to allow legalization of casino gambling state wide, and not only on the outlying Indian reservations. He and others rightly claim that more Nebraskans are spending money either out of state or on online casinos. They claim that tax income will be kept in the state, as well as creating valuable employment opportunities. They may well be correct, and results of legislation are awaited eagerly. In the meantime, Nebraskan residents as well as out of state visitors have the option of the excellent facilities offered by the casinos based on the Indian reservations.

More and more Nebraskans have discovered the ease and advantages of online gambling. They can play what they like, when they like from the comfort of their own home in complete confidentiality. All of the classic table and slot games are available online, as well as the hit Texas hold’em poker. Hopefully casino gambling will come to the population centers of Nebraska soon and to Omaha in particular. In the meantime the other gambling possibilities available to Nebraskans could not be better with the advent of online gambling.

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