Top Reasons Why Online Poker Rooms Offer Free Poker Bankrolls

Lately it seems that more and more online poker rooms are starting to offer no deposit poker bonuses. All that users are required to do is sign up for a free poker account, maybe complete a small quiz or other poker test, and then money almost magically appears in their poker account. Like every other good thing, there will be terms and conditions attached, but these shouldn’t be a problem for most online players, and most of the terms are just to protect the poker room itself from fraudulent claims.

No deposit poker bonuses are real money, not play money. You can use free poker bankrolls to play online poker with no risk to your own funds.  Again, this is real money. To get the best use out of this type of bonus, it is best to remember that it is real money, and treat it accordingly.  Just because it was easy to come by doesn’t mean that you should let it go just as easily.

If you have ever wondered why these poker sites are offering no deposit poker bonuses, then wonder no more. While players new to the whole internet gambling phenomenon don’t understand why sites would offer free poker bankrolls, experienced users know what’s behind these offers.  Simply put, it is just another marketing technique.

From the player’s point of view, these free poker bankrolls are not only free money, but also a way of trying out various poker rooms And for beginners they are a great way to become familiar with the whole online poker world, without having to spend a dime.

For online poker rooms, it’s a whole different story, they have marketing in mind. This type of offer is great for attracting new players. Handing out no deposit poker bonuses is probably the best way for a poker room to get new players to try out their product.

The thinking here is that getting players to try out their poker room is the first step to getting those players as regulars on the site.  By now, these poker rooms know that just giving out the free money will not be enough to keep the player coming back – they will also need to have a good all-round poker experience for their players, with extra promotions and bonuses, in order to compete with all the other poker sites out there.

There really is only one conclusion to draw here. And that is, no deposit poker bonuses and free poker bankrolls can be great for everybody, poker rooms and players alike.

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Memory Games and Activities for Seniors

It’s important that as people age they find ways to keep both their body and mind sharp. Sandy Gibson, the Director of Nursing with BrightStar of Chicago, put together a great list of games and activities to do with seniors to help with memory. These are great exercises for those suffering from dementia.

Memory Card Game

This classic card game is a great way to exercise memory. Lay all the cards from a deck face down in a 13 x 4 pattern. The first player turns two cards over at random. If they are a match, he gets to keep them and go again. If they are different numbers, he must turn them back over and it is the next player’s turn. As more and more cards are revealed, players are forced to remember where certain cards are in the grid. The player with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.

Simon Says

Simon Says exercises reflex skills and memory. It is appropriate for seniors already experiencing memory loss. Stand at the front of the room. Do an action, such as putting your hands on your head. Describe the action, introducing it with “Simon says.” For example, “Simon says put your hands on your head.” The participants must imitate your actions until you describe a gesture you are doing without saying “Simon says.” Anyone who does the gesture is out. The game requires that seniors quickly recall the names of body parts.

Name That Tune

This game is great for exercising and testing long-term memory. Assemble various recordings of songs that were popular when today’s seniors were young. Play a short clip from a song. Participants must write down the name of the song and the artist. Play 10-15 different songs. Announce the answers one by one. The participant with the highest number of correct responses wins.

Memory Circle

This game strengthens both long- and short-term memory. Assemble a group of senior citizens in a circle. Go around the circle and have participants share memories of a favorite hobby or activity from their childhood. Once each person has had a chance to share, go around the circle again. This time, have each person recount the same memory of another participant. Continue until everyone has had a chance to recount someone else’s memory

Tech Games

In the age of technology and gadgets, seniors can benefit from a host of games. The Nintendo DS is a hand-held game console. Among the games available for it is “Brain Age/Brain Age 2,” a game with nine puzzles, multi-level Sudoku rounds and speed counting memory tests. Another, “Clubhouse Games,” offers 40 classic senior-friendly games like “Texas Hold ‘Em,” backgammon, checkers, bowling, billiards and darts. These particular activities will challenge a senior’s speed, dexterity, memory and mental focus.

Traditional Games

You can never go wrong with traditional games that exercise mental focus and memory. Brain teasers, crossword puzzles, bingo boards and puzzles are available in large print and large sizes to make it easier for seniors to handle, see and play.

Group Fun

Trivia games for seniors can be a group activity that allows them to develop a sense of teamwork while bonding with their peers. Such games alleviate loneliness, a state of being that triggers depression, anxiety and dementia in seniors, according to The Senior Review. Trivia games can be especially enjoyable for seniors knowledgeable on subjects such as music, movies, history, art and sports.

Board Games

Board games such as chess, Monopoly, and even children’s games like Candyland and Chutes and Ladders help improve the short-term memory of seniors. Board games provide seniors a way to assist their peers, giving them a sense of helpfulness. Board games with basic play rules are less about competitiveness and more about having fun and encouraging each player to do his best.

Outdoor Games

Other than getting fresh air and exercise, there are plenty of games to play with seniors outside. Depending on the physical fitness level of the senior, games such as Red Light Green Light, Simon Says, Freeze Tag, sports games or a scavenger hunt are examples of games to get senior citizens outdoors and are free to play.

Arts and Crafts

With items that you already have, you can do arts and crafts with your senior. According to the Seniors Love to Know website, scrap booking is a fun way to gather your photos and mementos together and is a great way to organize your treasures. Drawing and sketching can also be enjoyable and to make it a game, you can play Pictionary or have contests based on what picture looks the most realistic, the most bizarre, the most creative, etc.

Card Games

Card games are free and can be fun for people of all ages. There are a variety of different card games to choose from and the flexibility of cards means that you can make up your own games if you choose. Find a game your senior wants to play or you can get ideas from the Games Info Depot website and play popular games such as Old Maid, Bridge, Poker, BlackJack and Cribbage.


Get out the bingo cards, bingo balls and bingo markers, and let the seniors enjoy a couple of games of bingo. For added fun, create the bingo cards and markers to match the nearest holiday. If Halloween is coming up, use bingo cards with pictures of bats, scarecrows, candy and scary masks. The seniors can use candy corns as bingo markers and instead of saying “Bingo,” have them shout, “Happy Halloween.” Do the same for Valentine’s Day, and use conversation hearts as bingo markers. Award the game winners with holiday-themed prizes.

Marshmallow Toss

Hang a wreath or circle ring from the ceiling that is approximately 6 inches in diameter. Dust several large marshmallows with flour to keep them from getting sticky. Mark a standing line 10 feet from the wreath or circle. Give each senior 10 marshmallows to try to toss through the wreath or ring. Award a prize to each senior who makes a marshmallow through the ring. For added decoration, make the ring heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day; use a holiday wreath for Christmas; and use a Halloween-themed wreath for Halloween. If you do not have marshmallows, play this game with beanbags.

Balloon Volleyball

Use a small rope to hang across a room. The seniors can sit in chairs or stand to play a game of balloon volleyball. Divide the seniors into two teams. Each team will get on one side of the rope. The seniors will hit the balloon back and forth like volleyball. Keep score, and the first team to score 10 points wins the game. For another balloon game, give each senior a balloon and see who can hit the balloon in the air the longest amount of time.

Brain and Mind Games

Seniors require mental stimulation and games that improve the brain and memory skills are beneficial. The Nursing Home Activities Resource website suggests games such as crossword puzzles, board games such as chess, Sudoku, Trivia games and jigsaw puzzles. To make these games free, play board games you already own and you can print out free puzzles and games from websites online or make your own!

Vacation Game

Have several people sit in a circle. Start the game by saying, “I am going on a trip to Florida and in my suitcase I am taking a shirt.” Ask the person beside you to say the same thing but add another item to the suitcase. The person will say, “I am going on a trip to Florida and in my suitcase I am taking a shirt and a [fill in the blank].” Continue to play around the circle until it comes back to you. You end the game by reciting the original saying and remembering all the items added to the suitcase.

Room Memorization

Ask a senior to look around a room they are familiar with like a bedroom, then ask the person to leave the room for a minute. Switch a few things in the room or hide some things. Ask the senior to return and tell you what has moved or what is missing.

Daily Journals

Help seniors write daily journals at the end of each day. Ask them to remember each thing they did and write each thing down. Tell them to visualize their day if they are having trouble remembering the things they did. Make a game of it by trying to remember hour by hour. Ask them to remember more each day than they did the day before. See who can remember the most details.

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Advice for Playing in Deep Stack Tournaments

A deep stack tournament is a poker tournament in which each player starts off with a stack of chips that is relatively high compared to the amount of the blind or the size of the pot. Such tournaments originally started in online poker, but are now held in land based poker tournaments as well. The fact that each player starts out with a large number of chips means that there are usually a lot of forced bets and that the game is not as fast paced as a regular poker game. It takes longer to play the game because the players can stay in longer and it will take longer to win any amount of money.

Each player starts of f with a stack of 5000 chips instead of the standard 1500. In a typical poker tournaments, the amount of the blinds rise every fifteen minutes, but in this type of tournament they rise every half hour. Many players make the mistake of playing too many hands because they have more chips at their disposal, which can in turn lead to bigger losses, especially at the beginning of a game. It is important not to change the strategy you use for the pre flop when playing this type of tournament just because you have more chips to work with.

Players look really impressive with a large stack of chips in front of them. One helpful bit of advice for those playing a tournament for the first time is to not pay attention to the size of the other players?stacks. Concentrate on your own stack and the cards you are dealt to make your decisions about whether you play the hand, raise the bet or fold. You don have to try to double up to stay in the game.

Having lots of patience is the key to being successful in a tournament where you have more than triple the usual number of chips. You should realize from the beginning that this is going to be a long game and if you want to be still at the table at the end, you need to be patient and carefully place your bids. You can expect to see double the number of hands than in a regular tournament, so just bide your time and fold whenever you feel you should.

Going all in early in the tournament is not a good strategy to use. The blinds are going to increase, although at a slower pace. Eventually the size of the pot will be quite large. In order to have a chance at winning a sizeable pot, you do need to be still seated at the table by the time the 5th or 6th round comes around. This is when you will see increases in the blinds that mean winning a pot will give you a larger number of chips.

Although you will spend more time at the table, if you fold when you have to, this will give you more opportunity to study your opponents and get to learn how to read them better. Then when you reach the stage where there is a large amount of money in the pot, you will be in a better position to know which ones have good cards and which ones are bluffing.

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Online Poker Sites

There are hundreds of online poker sites across the globe. LTD Poker lists all of the UK’s major online poker companies and provides detailed reviews of each. We also provide listings of the best US poker sites for the benefit of those in the US wanting to find a UK based site that accepts US players. Many of the sites that accept US players also accept players from other parts of the world as well, so that everyone can play, regardless of international boundaries.

Online poker sites that accept US and other overseas players are a great place to play a few hands and make some new friends. Many of the poker companies provide chat facilities so that you can chat to other players whilst playing along. Many of the sites also attract regular players so you will come across the same old hands again and again. Healthy rivalries develop and the stakes can get high!

Some of the best US poker sites are some of the best poker sites full stop. Here you find some of the biggest online poker sites in the world. There is PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker, as well as a whole host of other top international sites that welcome players from all over the world. All of these sites are excellent for newcomers and seasoned players alike. Many of these sites offer people who sign up through LTD Poker exclusive, no-deposit bonuses to start off you poker bankroll, help you to get into the game, and hopefully help you start winning! Some of these sites give away millions of dollars in prizes each month, so winning some cash is easier than you’d think.

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Teenage Gambling Problem is Epidemic

Most  responsible parents will go to extremes to protect their children from the dangers of becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol and invest in a great deal of effort prescribing safe sex, yet often choose to view their teenager’s preoccupation with gambling, especially on the internet, with mild concern; sometimes neglecting seeking a solution until it is too late.

The teen gambling problem is taking a worrying foothold, especially on the internet. Technically under 18’s are not legally permitted to gamble, on the internet or anywhere else. However, online permissions are summarily obtained and most teenagers have experimented with gambling well below the age of majority.

In a few extreme cases, teenage gambling has begun innocently enough with learning to play poker online and within a few days an incredible $20,000 – $30,000 debt has been incurred. The fear, anxiety and long term damage caused by such an experience can affect a family for many years. Even more tragic, the risk of such an intense encounter with gambling could have been limited or even totally prevented by gambling blocking software so that gambling sites were eliminated from a teenager’s online access.

Pathological gambling is centred round the player’s confidence to be able to ‘recover his losses’. A small loss is pursued in an effort to regain ground and as the debt escalates, the certain knowledge that one more spin or one more hand will fix the damage leads the player into spiralling financial difficulties. For teenagers, online poker, sports betting and online casinos are all particular attractions and now it is estimated that there are more teenage gambling addicts than adults.

Your teenager might be too young to gain entry to a conventional casino, but there is nothing to bar the entrance to online casinos and to an online establishment that is every bit as addictive or perhaps even more so, due to the ease of access. There is no need to drive there; there is no dress code required and all involvement is easily kept secret from parental interest. The online teenage gambling environment is invasive, coercive and dangerous.

A teen gambling problem necessarily implicates the victim in all kinds of subterfuge, both to hide the addiction and also to finance it. Often personal relationships with family and friends are sacrificed to guarantee the kind of privacy required to completely shroud the problem and often the teenager will resort to borrowing large amounts of money, sometimes from friends but often from loan sharks, to sponsor the growing addiction. Cut your losses by investing in a web filter to block gambling sites from your teenager’s online environment.

Source by Sharon Catchall

Gambling in Nebraska

Located on the Great Plains of the United States of America, the state of Nebraska has become one of the leading agricultural centers of the country. Nebraska’s specialty is in raising beef and pork, as well as corn and soya bean staples. It is no wonder that Nebraska’s one and three quarter million population are known as “cornhuskers”. Nebraska also has a fairly extensive Native American population. Gambling in Nebraska is largely controlled by this subset of the population.

A magnanimous gesture by the US congress allows the Native Americans sovereignty on their land which is what allows them to control casino gambling on their reservations, providing them with much needed income in this state, which has rarely known times of plenty. Even today, with the remarkable increases in income through successful farming, average income in the state is low, sitting at two thirds of the national average.

Bordered by South Dakota, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming Nebraska has many tourist attractions. These include some fairly spectacular Fossil Beds made from Agate, national monuments such as Homestead, and the Scotts Bluff National Monuments. The Chimney Rock National Historic Site as well as an authentic recreation of a pioneer village at the town of Minden among other attractions depicting the history of the state. The state capitol of Omaha is home to the world famous Joslyn Art Museum as well as the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Omaha is also home to the offices of the Berkshire Hathaway company, whose Chief Executive Officer is none other than Mr. Warren Buffet, ranked as being the second-richest person in the world. Buffets’s simple philosophy of business and life is steeped in Nebraskan tradition. Currently Warren Buffet is working in tandem with the World’s wealthiest man, Bill Gates, to donate the bulk of both their fortunes, around $100 billion dollars to a variety of world wide charities. Warren Buffet was and remains one of the principle lobbyists to congress to allow legalization of casino gambling state wide, and not only on the outlying Indian reservations. He and others rightly claim that more Nebraskans are spending money either out of state or on online casinos. They claim that tax income will be kept in the state, as well as creating valuable employment opportunities. They may well be correct, and results of legislation are awaited eagerly. In the meantime, Nebraskan residents as well as out of state visitors have the option of the excellent facilities offered by the casinos based on the Indian reservations.

More and more Nebraskans have discovered the ease and advantages of online gambling. They can play what they like, when they like from the comfort of their own home in complete confidentiality. All of the classic table and slot games are available online, as well as the hit Texas hold’em poker. Hopefully casino gambling will come to the population centers of Nebraska soon and to Omaha in particular. In the meantime the other gambling possibilities available to Nebraskans could not be better with the advent of online gambling.

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Online Casinos With Best Gambling Payouts

With the rise of online gambling, it’s but natural that players look for gaming venues on the Internet that offer them the best possible payouts. I have compiled a list of the top online casinos that offer gamers the highest gambling payouts available. But first, let’s discuss what you need to know about casino payout percentages.

Casino payout percentages are usually computed by comparing the amount of winnings against the actual amounts wagered for all the games at a particular casino. Players should take into account that casino payout percentages do not automatically indicate the results or the future payouts of any game. The term “casino payout” is just used to illustrate the average amount that a bet will generate. So, the expected return on even money bets will be written as 1.00 or 100%. If the house has a 2.7% edge on roulette, for example, the expected return is described as .973 or 97.3%.

With that said, here are some of the online casinos with the best gambling payouts for gamers:

Blackjack Ballroom – 98.55%. The Blackjack Ballroom is part of the Casino Rewards Group, and is a relatively long-standing player in the online gaming industry, having been operational since November 2000. Despite the name, lots of other games are available for the players – over 160 games, according to their website. New games are also being added to their repertoire on a regular basis. Their games are easy to find, since they are all categorized according to type (slots, table games, etc.).

Captain Cooks Casino – 97.66%. Captain Cooks has been operating since 1999 and is one of the most respected and oldest online casinos available today. Despite their age, they are up-to-date with the latest casino technology, and have recently upgraded their Microgaming software to the latest version. Speaking of the software itself, it’s both available in a download version and a flash version. Captain Cooks offers several variants of Blackjack, Video Poker, and table games to suit the varied tastes of gamers.

Crazy Vegas Casino – 97.34%. The ongoing bonuses they offer attract a lot of loyal players. A 15% bonus on every deposit, plus $11 free and a 100% match-up bonus for up to $100 – no wonder this casino is a favorite among online gamers. They also offer some of the lowest betting limits anywhere for many of their games. Several versions of blackjack, video poker, slot machines, and other table games are on hand to provide a plethora of gaming fun and excitement to their patrons.

Fortune Room Casino – 97.18%. A member of the Fortune Lounge group and operational for more than 5 years, the Fortune Room Casino offers all the bells and whistles of a rich casino experience through the download version of their software. Players can get it from the sophisticated website, which provides a wealth of handy and useful information about the casino, banking, customer support, and the games, of course. Players can even review their account history down to the last cards they played with the Playcheck and Cashcheck technology that Fortune Room uses. This really helps players who want to analyze their plays and keep track of their wins and losses.

Source by Richard Legg

Online Sports Betting Gambling Market

Sports and betting always are liked by a lot of people who do it for have fun. Bet in sports always has been rejected by a lot of people in our actual society, described as a stupid way to spend money or loose time. Well, now you can start to think independent and different. A sport betting gambling is completely legal, even when you can bet in an online sportsbook by internet or direct in the place where the game is played.

What the people recently learn about this is a completely new way to get money and increase personal profits. The online sports betting gambling are now not only for have fun, are also to make real money. A lot of companies dedicated to promote the online gambling industry have develop different alternatives to all kinds of customers or players, giving a complete payment variation to all winners in the sport they bet.

One of the most popular ways is the commission per game or increase the quantity you bet per the mount the company has established. Per example, if I bet $20 to a horse or any result in a sport, and the company I’m betting with offer 100 times the mount betted to get the exact winner result, I’m going to get $2000. Even no winners have a chance, normally this kind of companies give a second and third prize chance if you don’t match the exact result, you can get the 50% of the mount you bet, or also getting the 50% of the winner result. Is simply wonderful, a new alternative to get money having fun and betting what you want.

You can think is just a trick to attract people, why not, a lot of people upload false companies offering different false alternatives, just to can charge your credit card. A lot of these companies are %100 legal; you as user just have to choose the right one, verify that the information is in the web page comes from a true company; contacting the support agents these companies might have in service. My, as user can offer you a really efficient company called Big Juicy Odds, where I’m really sure you will find a safe place to start with this.

As part of the future business, a sport betting gambling is described as one of the highest ways to get money, giving a new way to develop this kind of business. Online gambling is famous in internet as an online business, and a recreation way for many people. It is recommended to compulsive players who always need to bet in any sport or game cause players also can play for free with no restrictions.

Now you don’t have to be only in the place where the game will be played to can bet, you can do it seating in front of your computer from your home, it’s more efficient, safe, and easier. Check it by yourself, and start being part of the marketing or money maker evolution.

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Is Online Poker Rigged?

The question, ‘is online poker rigged?’ all too often crops up on poker forums, blogs and discussions, especially when so many people experience almost unbelievable bad beats and suck outs. Obviously, there has to be an explanation to the record number of bad beats one will witness in online poker.

There certainly is an explanation for it, although some may say well, that’s poker, or there are too many donkeys or they played bad, the truth of the matter is that it has nothing to do with the other players! The real secret behind the large number of bad beats and suck outs in online poker lies within the online poker software used to generate the cards.

In reality, the answer to ‘is online poker rigged’ is without a doubt, YES! However, it is not rigged in the manner you may think. It is rigged in the sense that fair play, statistical odds, and a true-to-life outcome is realistically stripped away from the program due to the algorithms used by the poker sites.

These algorithms will determine the outcome of winning hands and force certain players to win while other players lose even though they had the best hand preflop or on the turn. The algorithms and subroutines used by all major poker sites create the problems of overwhelming bad beats and suckouts in an attempt to make the game appear realistic, to induce action, and to give the impression the game is fair to all.

Of course, this may all sound confusing, however, it is the way the online poker sites are rigged to produce winning hands and it is an indisputable fact. The secret to winning at an online poker site is knowing the algorithm and then using that to your advantage to give yourself an edge in the game.

The bottom line is simply that online poker sites are a computer generated program. Moreover, that program can be manipulated by anyone who knows the code of the subroutines and algorithms. There is no live interaction in the shuffle, deal, or outcome of the cards, and therefore the question is online poker rigged, invariably has to be answered YES!

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Poker Strategy-Learn How to Play Like a Pro!

A beginner learning the game of poker will usually make mistakes as to the assumptions made during the game. This is so since the player is not yet so well-versed with how the game goes. That is why it is important for a beginner to learn a poker strategy that will make him play like a professional poker player.

There is one poker strategy that a beginner must learn by heart and that is by thinking like a poker player. Poker players are often categorized as tight or aggressive, those which play fewer hands but utilizes their instincts to win the game. This definition can be very confusing for the beginner which is why it is vital to understand that poker is not just a game of chance. A good part of the game deals with four fundamental factors which are important to take into consideration so that the chances of winning are increased.

First factor to consider in this basic poker strategy concept is to know the general percentages of any type of odds you have to face during the progress of the game. It is important to memorize these odds so that it won’t take you long to make a decision when your turn comes. These odds can include the percentage of completing a flush draw at the flop or the percentage of hitting. There are other general percentages that you can take note of but it will be a good idea if you focus on the most crucial ones.

Discipline is another factor in this winning poker strategy. What distinguishes a solid poker player from the rest of the bunch is that he will not let his decisions succumb to luck alone. He desires to win in the game by playing his hands intelligently. Whether the player is a disciplined limit player or a no-limit one, a winning one will always know when to hold his cards or fold them. But this does not mean experienced poker players do not make mistakes, in fact they do yet they learn from them.

Because poker involves sitting down with other people who are also thinking of their own poker strategy when playing their hand, it is but right to put the psychological aspect of the game into the picture. When playing poker, beginners tend to think only of themselves and the odds of them winning that they often forget that there are other players who are in the same situation as they are. Thus, it is would be very wise as poker player to anticipate what cards his opponents might have and what are their anticipation of his cards, etc. This way, the player will be able to manipulate his calls with some psychological tactics.

Lastly, a great poker strategy should include risk and reward management. Winning in succession can easily trap a beginner to bet out of control. In the long run, this will not prove to be a very good habit because, in one way or another, recklessness will always catch up. A good poker player will always strive to achieve balance between risk and reward during the game.

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