Fine Cigar Culture

The image of a gentleman smoking a fine cigar evokes many a scenario. There are many occasions for a fine cigar: the reward at the end of a long struggle, the victory at a poker table, the celebrations after the birth of a child, the end of tough business negotiations, a fine outing with a son or grandson, the heat of battle, the song of a woman humming in the den after a night at the opera. Mostly, the occasion for a fine cigar is one that evokes the view of men as gentlemen, a view that is presently experiencing resurgence, and for good reason.

Gone are the not-so-glory days of the boy-man whose pants are at the ready to fall down around his ankles, and who has experienced neither a proper shave nor a good haircut. Oh no–a quality cigar brings to mind not only a man, but a gentleman who understands what it is to go to a real barber, and that going to a real barber is something that takes time. He understands what a handkerchief is for, and that it isn’t just for keeping his own nose clean. Fine cigars are part of a gentleman’s lifestyle. He is a man who owns (and on occasion wears) cufflinks, who wears aftershave and knows what Bay Run is for. He knows that women really do love to see a man wearing a handsome pair of suspenders.

Yes, there is indeed a mystique around the kind of man who smokes fine cigars, an image of a gentleman who knows quality in all things and why quality is important, from institutional connections to connections that have been obtained from years of attending the school of life. This is the kind of man who brings a Mona Lisa smile to the women in his life, whether she is his dear friend, sweetheart, fiancé, wife, mother, mother-in-law, daughter or granddaughter. Whoever she is, she knows what kind of cigars he smokes, and the idea of giving a box of fine cigars to this gentleman for the holidays brings her the pleasure of giving. That’s because buying such a man his favorite cigars not only means that she loves him, but it means that she understands him.

It’s important to find the right kind of cigar for the right gentlemen. A quality cigar may be obtained online or at brick and mortar stores. Remember, too, that quality cigars are something that must be cared for and kept as fresh as possible in humidors to ensure the perfect moisture level for the perfect cigar-smoking experience.

Source by Alan King

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