Online Poker Sites

There are hundreds of online poker sites across the globe. LTD Poker lists all of the UK’s major online poker companies and provides detailed reviews of each. We also provide listings of the best US poker sites for the benefit of those in the US wanting to find a UK based site that accepts US players. Many of the sites that accept US players also accept players from other parts of the world as well, so that everyone can play, regardless of international boundaries.

Online poker sites that accept US and other overseas players are a great place to play a few hands and make some new friends. Many of the poker companies provide chat facilities so that you can chat to other players whilst playing along. Many of the sites also attract regular players so you will come across the same old hands again and again. Healthy rivalries develop and the stakes can get high!

Some of the best US poker sites are some of the best poker sites full stop. Here you find some of the biggest online poker sites in the world. There is PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker, as well as a whole host of other top international sites that welcome players from all over the world. All of these sites are excellent for newcomers and seasoned players alike. Many of these sites offer people who sign up through LTD Poker exclusive, no-deposit bonuses to start off you poker bankroll, help you to get into the game, and hopefully help you start winning! Some of these sites give away millions of dollars in prizes each month, so winning some cash is easier than you’d think.

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Roulette – Playing It Smart

Knowing how to play Roulette Smartly is a great help in preventing you losing all your money quickly! Although a game of luck, roulette is fixed odds, and there are some simple rules you can follow to at least lengthen your amount of time at the table.

Many people use search engines to find strategies or “systems” for Roulette. There are literally hundreds of thousands of them out there and as a result, just about everyone believes there is some kind of formula or secret that will help them win huge at Roulette. The truth is Roulette is purely a game of luck. It’s a game of chance as much as the lottery is. There is no certain way to predict where the Roulette ball will land just as there is no way to predict the future. Poker and blackjack allow you to somewhat calculate odds and make educated decisions on your bets. For Roulette, that does not exist.

Despite Roulette being a game of luck alone, there are ways to play what’s called smart Roulette. It may sound simple, and it is, but by staying within your budget and managing your money you can enjoy a very rewarding experience with the game. Three elements to playing smart roulette exist. They are: knowing when to play, how, and when to stop playing.

What should you do first? It’s important to determine how much money you’ll want to play in Roulette alone. Consider it lost. That way you’ll be certain to pick an amount that you are comfortable parting with. Remember, you might not win. When you do win, set it aside. That way you’ll ensure that you’ll be staying within your budget. In other words, if you budgeted $200 and you win $100; don’t necessarily re-bet that $100. That would mean that you have actually spent $300 instead of $200. It’s naturally more fun to walk away with something versus nothing. By setting aside your winnings it ensures you will always walk away with something; and possibly quite a bit.

Some people like to play for longer periods of time. If this is you, be sure to place only minimum bets. This will ensure that if you lose, you will not be tempted to go over your budget in order to continue longer play. Also smart playing for a longer period of time would be considering a lower minimum table as a opposed to a higher one.

If you do find that you lose your original budget, WALK AWAY. Even if you are winning, Roulette is still simply a game of chance with the odds stacked against you. You’re winning streak could easily turn into a losing one. Of course, you can always play it safe by playing a game of free roulette. Many online sites offer free gaming as an enticement to get you to join their online casino and ultimately play with real money. Smart Live Casino has a number of games for all users to play. There are tables for high rollers as well as Pro Series and French Roulette Tables.

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Free Scratch Tickets-Start WinningToday!

“Free Scratch Tickets, Real Prizes! Click on the scratch ticket image to play your free scratch ticket for real prizes now! No cost, no registration! You must be over 18 years. This contest is VOID in any jurisdiction within the United States, Canada or elsewhere where participation is prohibited by law.” — MR FREE

The sound of the word “free” is tempting; and the sound of the phrase “real prizes” is even more appealing. What is there to lose? Anyway, it’s all free. The ad said it requires no information and all you got to do is to click the image to play your free scratch tickets. Everything seems like it’s a win-win situation.

You have probably just joined the thousands of people who could not resist scratching the card using the mouse and rubbing off the ticket’s covering… Congratulations you have won!!! Or, have you?

Free scratch tickets, instant win game, scratch off, free scratch cards, scratch and win, scratch ticket, scratcher, scratch to match, scratch2cash, scratch prize tickets, scratch off, scratch game – there are indeed a lot of names for these games. The common goal is to have anything from 3, 6 or 9 and the golden or silver panels are meant to be rubbed to reveal the symbols. Most of the themes are colorful and they range from pictures of pirates, cowboys, space, card symbols or even just anything under the sun. Surprisingly, almost all of the free scratch tickets always reveal winning symbols. Indeed, they’re free; but where is the catch?

Some websites will give you chances to play free online. They won’t ask you to register any information until such time that you would have to be notified if you’ve won the game. So after finishing the game, you would have to reveal your name and e-mail address. Other scratch cards websites are even more intrusive. They would even ask for your address, phone number, occupation, marital status, salary range, age, date of birth, and a lot more of information. In a way, it doesn’t seem free at all. You have given your information and that’s the payment for playing their online free scratch tickets.

And what happens to the prize? Certainly you are given the jackpot prize points that you can spend on their website. You can play more games that give you more chances of winning as you reveal more of yourself. During your visits, you are tempted to play more. You start to gamble and you get yourself in a situation that most internet gamblers are in. Your free scratch tickets have leading you to the road of online gambling. Months will pass and you would become an active member of the online gambling community. Sooner or later, you would find yourself betting more than you can afford.

Free scratch tickets definitely sound appealing. They would always persuade you to start playing and start winning. Nevertheless, as soon as you start winning; you start to keep yourself from resisting or from stopping.

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Minimum Posting Standards

Introduced July 2016:

  • The minimum word count has been increased to 700 words or more and the maximum limit has been removed, we wish to encourage content creators to put real depth into their writing and add as much value as possible to the reader.

  • Articles will now only allowed 1 promotional hyperlink in the body of the article (excluding any embeddable content). Other non-promotional links e.g. references or sources will be allowed.

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  • Embed engaging content relevant to the article content, this could include videos, tweets, facebook posts, infographics, each article should contain at least one embedded item but ideally 3-5 items. How to embed items into your article.

  • We expect references to be used where appropriate, if you are quoting or using information from from 3rd party sources, we we would expect this to be referenced as a footnote, e.g. There are 7.347 million people on the planet (2016)1

  • Author profiles are expected to have an Gravatar setup, a real author bio and ideally links to your personal/company website and social profiles. 

In the footer of the article you would print:

1 WorldBank –

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  • We have integrated with copyscape to ensure all articles are unique.

To help authors gain the most available traffic and the best possible return from their investment we ensure all articles meet our minimum posting standards. We occasionally review these to ensure they are inline with the standards our visitors expect.

Recommended Read: How to craft an article which will attract visitors and meet our posting standards

Introduced May 2005:

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  • Author name: Do not use your website as the author name. Your author name should not appear in the title of the article.

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  • Poems

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Why Minimum Posting Standards on Articlesbase?

We want your content to get as much traffic as possible! It’s that simple.

The better your article, the higher it will rank in the search engines and the more traffic it will receive. Today quality (how good is your article) is much more important than quantity (publishing lots of average content).

Recommended read: What is article marketing

It’s critical that if your article is going to stand out (and get traffic), it needs to be badass, as explained in this video.

The content you share needs to be better than your competition, the more effort you put into crafting your content, you higher ROI you will achieve.

If you are passionate about the content you create, are honest in the motivations for creating the content, people will share it. A great quote from Matt Cutts:

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A Non-gamblers Guide to a Las Vegas Vacation

Every year millions of people head to Las Vegas for vacation, but not all of them go there for what the city is most famous for, gambling. The casinos offer a lot more than slot machines and poker tables for visitors. There is a reason why this city is referred to “The Entertainment Capital of the World.” There is a lot of entertainment available that has nothing to do with gambling for those wishing to forgo risking the over $400 that the average gambler looses in a trip to Las Vegas.

One of the biggest attractions in Las Vegas is the shows. Some shows like Cirque du Soleil, which has various versions of their amazing circus running simultaneously at different casinos, have been running for years and grow more popular year after year. Popular entertainers play in Las Vegas, often for long runs. Celine Dionne recently ended a four-year run at Caesar’s Palace. Elton John is scheduled for a few months in mid 2008 at the same venue.

Visitors also find Broadway musicals such as the wildly popular The Producers, top notch comedians, and compelling dramas on the stages at Las Vegas casinos and other venues.

Shopping is also a very popular activity for those who visit Las Vegas. While some of the high-end shops make window shopping necessary for many visitors, there is plenty of affordable shopping for those who want to spend their time in the stores. The Forum Shops at Caesars is home to 160 boutiques and shops, 13 restaurants and various specialty food shops. At the Bellagio, the Via Bellagio offers high-end shopping, and the Pool Promenade has unique shops that cannot be found elsewhere. Bargain shoppers can find treasures outside of the casinos at the Las Vegas Premium Outlet that offers over 100 outlet stores or they can try their luck at the Fashion Outlets Las Vegas that offer many of the same brands that can be found in the hotel boutiques but for far less.

Another attraction for non-gamblers is the dining in Las Vegas. Many celebrity chefs have restaurants in the city. Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck both have more than one restaurant in the casinos, and Bobby Flay has the popular Mesa Grill at Caesar’s Palace. Celebrity chef restaurants aren’t the only fine dining choices, however. There are many, many five star restaurants in the casinos and the surrounding area. It’s also possible to get really good food in Las Vegas without the five star price tag at some of the other eating establishments. In a city that seems to be open 24 hours a day, there are lots of great places to get a meal any time of day.

Boxing matches also draw crowds to Las Vegas. The biggest ones are always held at the Las Vegas casinos, and it’s not uncommon for the regular tourist to come face to face with the celebrities who attend these boxing matches. Other sporting events that Las Vegas caters to are kick boxing, WWE wrestling events, speed racing, and the occasional celebrity basketball game with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Las Vegas may not be the first vacation destination that people think of when they think of family vacations, but it is becoming an increasingly popular spot for families. The casinos and other businesses in the surrounding areas are adding more and more attractions for children. Many of the casinos offer live animal attractions such as Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef, The Mirage’s White Tiger Habitat, and The MGM Grand’s Lion Habitat.

A state of the art arcade called Game Works will appeal to kids of all ages, The Las Vegas Zoo offers hours of entertainment away from the casinos, and Circus Circus has been a family fixture in Las Vegas for years. The city boasts the world’s largest indoor theme park, the five and a half acre Adventuredome. Families can find go-karts, kid-friendly shows, children’s museums, and wax museums along with many, many other family oriented activities scattered all throughout Las Vegas.

Those wishing to get out from the confines of Las Vegas and its beautiful but flashy buildings can head outside for some fresh air. A visit to The Hoover Dam is easy by taking a tour bus that can be booked from Las Vegas. Bonnie Springs Ranch Old Nevada is just a short drive from the city, and visitors get to experience the Old West. Red Rock Canyon is a bit more of a drive, but it’s a great place to get away from it all and do a little hiking. Of course, the area surrounding Las Vegas is littered with golf courses so no golfer has an excuse for not hitting a few while in Vegas.

Source by Stephanie Larkin

Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Secrets & Tips

Depict this: You sit down at your dining table to attend to paying for your accounts. You take out your authentic calculator and then start to calculate how much you will to allocate for every of the bills that you will want to pay off. As you compare it with how much money you ingest, you let out a sigh. You don’t gain enough to top for all of the charges and some other expenses for the house. As you run over your bag, believing what have you spent on to have the variance, you find the solution. There in your bag lay loads of scratch off lottery tickets which you have purchased over the other couple weeks.

If you find this a usual scenario, you are not alone. Hundreds of Americans have their chance in casinos and lottery stakes that oftentimes that they wind up expending a great chunk of their salary just to buy this. It is not surprising, believing how cheap these lottery tickets can be, which is why it is very important to constantly have a loss limit set every time that you go out and play scratch off lottery ticket games. If you haven’t, it is extremely best to have one yourself right immediately.

Playing scratch off lottery tickets is simply very much like playing poker or blackjack in the casino. The more you miss, the more you try to win back these suffers, and the only way to do this is to bet more. The same holds right with scratch off lottery tickets. Several people would go out and buy $20 or $30 worth of scratch off lottery tickets desiring that the more tickets that they buy, the higher the adventures for them to pull ahead.

When none of the purchased tickets win, they would go out and buy some more, with some going out to buy more tickets as early as later the same day that they made their first purchase. Granted this scenario, it would be so simple for a person to drop a minimum of $100 a week really easy. Thinking that you do handle to get a gain of, say, $50, you have just acquired half of the total that you have dropped to get to this one winning ticket.

If you have determined to make a change in the way that you play scratch off lottery tickets, the best thing you will need to do is to specify a reliable amount that you are able to apportion for this while being able to still make up the bills and other expenses that you and your family will obtain within a month. This could be done by listing the total of every bill that you need to finalise at the end of each month. Next, list down the expenses that your family would be incurring within the month such as food, gas, and day care, emergencies and babysitter services if you have little children in the house.

Afterwards you sum up all of this, take off the total from the net portion of your wage that you have talked over with your spouse that should be apportioned for these. The net total will be from where you can allocate for your lottery ticket purchases. $20 a month would be an complete amount.

Making one loss limit yourself takes commitment and restraint. The enticement to buy more is extremely strong. But imagine the great sum of savings setting a loss limit can bring to yourself and to your family. On top of that, having a loss limit can actually end up having you gain more as matched to not having one.

Source by Ace Lee

The 12 Days of Christmas – Christmas Experiences You’ll Never Forget (experience Day Gifts)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Twelve flying lessons, Eleven spa treatments, Ten theatre dinings, Nine gliding launches, Eight wine tastings, Seven poker days, Six family portraits, Five spy games, Four off road drives, Three rock climbs, Two paintball days, And a drive in a Lamborghini!

Are you in a flat panic as to what to give you loved one this Christmas? Tired of seeing those run-of-the-mill presents under the tree? While everyone dreads those boxes of handkerchiefs (as necessary as they are!), or the endless supply of bubble-bath, Christmas can sometimes leave one feeling a bit empty and blue. There’s a feeling that maybe something a bit extra is called for this year? Or every year for that matter? Have you and your partner dreamed of doing something exciting or romantic together but never had the chance? Well, now’s the perfect opportunity to give an affordable gift of a dream come true. Light up your loved one’s face with thrilling Christmas Experience Day Gifts that will create an unforgettable memory for the two of you to share and keep. From the downright romantic to unimaginable adventure, there’s an activity for everyone to share and enjoy.

Choose from a myriad of Christmas Experience Day Gifts, such as really blowing your partner’s hair back and giving a flying lesson, learning all about white knuckles in learning to drive a rally car, or indulging your artistic sensibilities and visiting a West End Theatre and enjoying a romantic dinner for two. Test your endurance, quick-thinking and teamwork as you chase your partner in a Paintball Experience Day, or reinvigorate the senses with deep, luxurious treatments at a health spa. Choose from between driving a luscious Lotus, a ferocious Ferrari, a gritty 4×4 or a lavish Lamborghini and discover which car you would ultimately choose, given half a chance! Saunter through a vineyard, and savour the time-honoured art of winemaking with a Wine Tasting Experience Gift Pack for two, or capture the spirit of early aviation in a Microlighting Experience Day.

For the outdoor lovers, who relish speed and a good adrenaline rush – go white water rafting, or soar with eagles as you glide with a winch. There’s even skydiving for two in an indoor wind tunnel. There really is no end to your imagination when it comes to giving Christmas Experience Days for gifts of a lifetime. Think we’ve covered all the options? Think again! Fall head over heels in love with Harness Sphere-ing for two, take to the skies for an adrenaline-fuelled aerobatics flight in a Bulldog, throw yourselves over a cliff in the ultimate rock climbing experience, or, if you are die-hard Liverpool fans, score a home goal and take that long, longed-for trip to Anfield for a VIP day you’ll never forget.

For the romantic couple in love, turn back the clock and enjoy a great day out on a vintage Thames barge, or soar above the Earth and savour the timelessness and serenity of hot air ballooning. There’s even an Interior Design course that both of you can go on – the perfect homeowners’ makeover dream. An amazing experience for anyone that likes a bit of the rough stuff is a Half Day Out Off Road Driving Experience, or if there’s a James Bond in you that’s dying to give the spy world a thrill, invest in a Spy Academy Spy Games Gift Pack, for the excitement of a semi-automatic sniper rifle. You can even help your loved one overcome a phobia – face it together in a “Face Your Phobia” Experience and learn to deal with all things creepy crawly! For the family, the gift of a family portrait can never be replaced. The perfect moment captured for eternity and for you all to share with the entire family. A keepsake worth a thousand words.

The ultimate Christmas Experience Day choice though has to be a Flexi voucher which allows for a choice of any of two activities listed above. You can mix and match – something for him and her, or something adventurous with something romantic. So you and your loved one can indulge your senses, in every way, together. Create a memory that is deeply personal, carefully planned and well-executed on the day. Your life partner will remember and thank you for it – as will you. After all, you aren’t just giving enjoyment to someone else; you’ll be getting to share in the whole experience. So it is possible to give Gifts of a lifetime.

Source by John Smith

The Top Five Executive Gifts

Executives are the top performers in your corporation. They often enjoy some of the finest luxuries. When it comes time to exchange executive gifts buy something an executive will respect and admire. These gift choices are among the most respected and make up the top five executive gift ideas.

1. El Casco office accessories like memo holders, pencil sharpeners and cell phone caddies are extremely fine executive gifts. All of El Casco’s products are hand assembled, hand polished and plated in silver chrome or 23kt Gold. The extensive polishing and plating process produces an extraordinary shine. These gift ideas are useful, and respected for authenticity. Each one is imported from Spain.

2. Dacasso Desk Sets are made from fine premium and top grain leathers. They come in several styles including croco embossed, classic black and burgundy. A Dacasso desk set is an excellent executive gift idea because it shows real class and style.

3. Gemstone Globes and Bookends are fine executive gift ideas because they are original, authentic and decorative. You will find that Alexander Kalifano makes the best gemstone globes. Hand made and polished to a gleaming finish, they are colorful and decorated with individual colored gemstones to make up each continent.

4. Pen Stands are another fine executive gift idea. Choose leather, Gold or marble pen stands. You can also find pen stands that include professional symbols like Caduceus, Scales of Justice and the Bull and Bear.

5. Wine Gifts are always an excellent choice because executives enjoy wine. They show true taste and they are ideal for special occasions. You can also never have too many. Select from wine openers, wine boxes or travel sets. These are very popular executive gifts.

Other executive gift ideas include poker chip sets, games like chess and backgammon and travel accessories.

Find a whole collection of corporate executive gift ideas right here. Everything from El Casco staplers, to crystal globes and desk sets.

Source by Steve Smith

Traditional Mantel Shelves

Enhance the style and elegance of your fireplace with traditional mantel shelves. Mantel shelves are decorative shelves that are mounted above a fireplace to provide a distinctive and effortless eye-catching presence. Traditional mantel shelves also accentuate the warmth and coziness of a fireplace to give a room character.

Traditional mantel shelves make the fireplace seem more attractive and form the focal point of the room. Mantel shelves are an excellent accent piece for your fireplace, and are ideal for any occasion, especially during the holiday season when you can use the mantel shelf to hang Christmas stockings or your holiday decorations. If you’re throwing a party, traditional mantel shelves can be a great place for people to gather around for a conversation, and a convenient place to keep their drinks.

Traditional mantel shelves are also great for showcasing your cherished family photographs, trophies, creative knick-knacks that agree with the theme of the room, or souvenirs that have sentimental value.

To select the perfect traditional mantel shelf, you’ll need to keep the following elements in mind:

Size of the Hearth

You’ll need to measure the width and height of your fireplace to ensure that you won’t end up with mantel shelves that are either too small or too large for your fireplace. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while browsing through designs for your traditional mantel shelf.

Available Wall Space

If you prefer traditional mantel shelves that are wider than your fireplace, then it becomes necessary to measure the amount of wall space you have available. This will help you determine the right size of your mantel shelf.

Does it Match Your Home Design?

There are several mantel shelf designs, materials, colors, and textures to choose from, which can make it difficult to decide on the right traditional mantel shelf. Therefore, when shopping for such a large accent piece, it becomes essential to keep your home decor in mind, and where the mantel shelf will be mounted. These criteria will help you narrow down your search and make the task simpler. Keeping the decor in mind also makes it easy to select a mantel shelf that will complement your fireplace and make the room more appealing.

Fireplace Tools, Chimney Caps, and Other Fireplace Accessories

When you start shopping for fireplace accessories, you’ll find a wide range of options. Some are necessities if you have wood-burning fireplace, some help conserve energy, and some are simply for convenience and decoration. Below you’ll find descriptions of the most common fireplace accessories.

Fireplace Tool Sets

Most fireplace tool sets consist of an iron, chrome, steel, or brass stand that holds four tools: brush, shovel, poker, and tongs. You should choose a tool set that complements your fireplace screen because it usually sits on the hearth next to the screen.

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens stand in front of the fireplace opening to prevent ash or sparks from leaving the fireplace, and pets and children from coming in contact with the fire. Every wood or gas-burning fireplace should have a screen. Electric fireplaces usually don’t require screens.

Source by Lisa Becker

Fine Cigar Culture

The image of a gentleman smoking a fine cigar evokes many a scenario. There are many occasions for a fine cigar: the reward at the end of a long struggle, the victory at a poker table, the celebrations after the birth of a child, the end of tough business negotiations, a fine outing with a son or grandson, the heat of battle, the song of a woman humming in the den after a night at the opera. Mostly, the occasion for a fine cigar is one that evokes the view of men as gentlemen, a view that is presently experiencing resurgence, and for good reason.

Gone are the not-so-glory days of the boy-man whose pants are at the ready to fall down around his ankles, and who has experienced neither a proper shave nor a good haircut. Oh no–a quality cigar brings to mind not only a man, but a gentleman who understands what it is to go to a real barber, and that going to a real barber is something that takes time. He understands what a handkerchief is for, and that it isn’t just for keeping his own nose clean. Fine cigars are part of a gentleman’s lifestyle. He is a man who owns (and on occasion wears) cufflinks, who wears aftershave and knows what Bay Run is for. He knows that women really do love to see a man wearing a handsome pair of suspenders.

Yes, there is indeed a mystique around the kind of man who smokes fine cigars, an image of a gentleman who knows quality in all things and why quality is important, from institutional connections to connections that have been obtained from years of attending the school of life. This is the kind of man who brings a Mona Lisa smile to the women in his life, whether she is his dear friend, sweetheart, fiancé, wife, mother, mother-in-law, daughter or granddaughter. Whoever she is, she knows what kind of cigars he smokes, and the idea of giving a box of fine cigars to this gentleman for the holidays brings her the pleasure of giving. That’s because buying such a man his favorite cigars not only means that she loves him, but it means that she understands him.

It’s important to find the right kind of cigar for the right gentlemen. A quality cigar may be obtained online or at brick and mortar stores. Remember, too, that quality cigars are something that must be cared for and kept as fresh as possible in humidors to ensure the perfect moisture level for the perfect cigar-smoking experience.

Source by Alan King