7 Party Ideas and ways to Entertain your guests for a House Party or Card Party

1) Try inviting your friends or family over for a reason such as asking them to come play a few card games. It sets the mood for how long you intend to invite them for and also prepares you and your friends for the party setting. Your friends might even show up with a couple of bags of chips and sodas. It will also create a great conversation piece and help with laughter, fun and competition.

2) Plan something! It seems like everyone tries to wing it. Plan a few games that you think would be fun or corny because people will be joking and laughing so much they won’t know what happened to the last four hours.

3) How about a few actual party games you can play? Make sure you have a pen and paper for each person. Pick a word such as PARTY and have a 30 second race to come up with as many smaller words inside PARTY (art, tar, tap, pay, rat etc). Whoever comes up with the least amount is out and the game continues until there’s only one player left.

4) Stop the balloon! Everyone has to blow up a balloon, tie a string to it and tie it to their foot. Then everyone’s in one room and you have to pop each others balloon. The last one with a balloon that hasn’t popped is the winner! I played this at a family party of all ages and it was a HIT!

5) Try a casino games night. If you want to go rich you can hire a dealer and set up a real game of blackjack or roulette. Or you can go for just fun and have everyone change in $1.00 for chips worth pennies. You could even set up a mini poker tournament of the card game texas hold em. Play solitaire until someone wins.

6) Scavenger hunts are always a lot of fun! No one likes to plan one, but when you’re involved in one at a party it’s a very good time.

7) If it’s a family party, try putting everyone’s baby/toddler picture on a wall and having everyone guess who’s who. It’ll be funny to see who picks who because of certain features. The stories to go along with the pictures will be funny as well.

Source by Chris Bell

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