Common Misconception in the Bible teachings – Gambling is not a Sin

Common Misconception in the Bible teachings – Gambling is not a Sin.

Written by Joseph Ho, May 2nd, 2009.

To those who seek the truth shall find the truth, to those who seek to justify their sinful actions shall also find the reason to justify their actions. The truth is spiritual discerned by the men who have submitted to the Spirit of Truth, so they can see the Truth; this is not of the human mind but of the Spirit. All who loves the truth will see the Truth; all those who are covetous minded will see the lie and believe the lie send to them. Satan is a great deceiver and he still is.

Isaiah 6:9
He said, “Go and tell this people: ” ‘Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’

1 Corinthians 2:13-16 (New International Version)

13This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words.

14The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.

15The spiritual man makes judgments about all things, but he himself is not subject to any man’s judgment:

16″For who has known the mind of the Lord
that he may instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ.

What is the prime objective of gambling?

The act of gambling involves the wager of money to obtain a higher return. This is a zero sum game someone loses and someone gains by the device of producing an outcome, heads tails, red black, odds evens, and big small. There is an outcome. But what is the objective of gambling? Isn’t the sole purpose being to increase your monetary returns within a short period of time, not through providing a service or a product but by pure wager in one casting of the dices?

I am deeply applauded that some Christians who are men of high position and even leaders in their personal careers can say that gambling is not a sin, occasional gambling can be fun. It is the same as saying that stealing a little and sinning a little is fun and is not a sin. This goes to show that men of status in the community are not necessarily men of spiritual understanding. This is not synonymous at all and they should not be allowed to speak on behalf of God in their lives. Rich men are not necessarily godly men, we do not know how they gain their wealth and we can not say they must be blessed by God since; the poor spiritual man is more highly esteemed in the eyes of our Lord God. What is highly valued in the eyes of men is an abomination to our God.

Men who achieved wealth are also not truly knowledgeable in spiritual things. Even pastors tend to make such mistakes about these people. They may achieve status and position yet they can be sinners who are church goers, professing the faith but choosing their own ways versus God’s way. My ways are not your ways, says the Lord of Host. We are to follow the teachings of Christ and the Scripture; we are not to follow the situational logical human thinking of our own imagination. After all, Jesus is the one who will judge us not our own understanding and presumption.

If you seek the truth you shall see it clearly, it is written in the Ten Commandments. But if you insist that the word gambling must be written then it is not. Covetousness is the act of coveting someone else property that include money as well. Because I see gambling as a sin therefore the word of God reads to me as the same thing which I meditate in my mind. Yet my mind is already washed by the blood of the lamb so I see the truth. Subject all argument to the obedience of the Spirit of Christ. The word reads that we are not to covet anything that belongs to our neighbor and that includes their money as well.

Exodus 20:17
“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

Romans 7:7
What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid. Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet

2 Peter 2:3
And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

Luke 12:15
And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.

No one’s life will be judged by the abundance of his possession, no he will be judged by how rich he is in God.

1 Timothy 6:17
Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;

Luke 12:19-23 (New International Version)

19And I’ll say to myself, “You have plenty of good things laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry.” ‘

20″But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?’

21″This is how it will be with anyone who stores up things for himself but is not rich toward God.”

Do you know what is inside the pack of 52 cards?

I will present to you the evil of playing poker or in any matter the games of cards as an example. If some of you still think this game of deck of 52 cards are an innocent devise for fun, think again. The origin of such cards came right off the Tarot Cards, except for the 22 major arcadia cards the rest of the 52 minor Arcadias are all represented in this deck of cards. So when you dwell and play with such things, you are actually practicing divination. And you are divining your winning hand therefore practicing witchcraft.

Oh, you may think I am too uptight or even legalistic, but am I? I have dwelt in this witchcraft before and so I am telling you from experience, that the spirit of covetousness will enter your heart and defile your mind. Why will the gypsies use a deck of cards to tell your fortune? It is because the deck of cards actually hides a Spirit of divination. The heart is deceitful and constantly seeking evil and no good can be found unless it is subjected to the obedience of Christ.

And what did God say about people who seek divination?

Leviticus 19:26,

“ ‘Do not eat any meat with the blood still in it. ” ‘Do not practice divination or sorcery.”

Deuteronomy 18:14
[ The Prophet ] The nations you will dispossess listen to those who practice sorcery or divination. But as for you, the LORD your God has not permitted you to do so.

1 Samuel 15:23
For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has rejected you as king.”

2 Kings 17:17
They sacrificed their sons and daughters in the fire. They practiced divination and sorcery and sold themselves to do evil in the eyes of the LORD, provoking him to anger.

If gambling is not a sin, why do constant gamblers go into deep trouble and get entangled in this bad habit which is very hard to quit. Anything that can cause bondage to the soul has a spirit, and its call the spirit of divination and covetousness. It causes you to hallucinate about winning the big one and then you don’t have to work anymore. The bible says whatever has mastered you, you shall be its slave. So when we are hooked to something and have to do its bidding then we are a slave to it, so there has to be a master and guess what, it is a demonic spirit; because it devours your resources and energy.

Jesus said many times, if you love me do what I say, not what you think is correct. How are you able to think what is good and bad unless you become submissive to the word of God? Jesus also says if you love me practice what I teach. But many are saying they are Christians yet they do not obey neither do they follow all of God’s teachings. They pick what they like and discard what is not convenient. This is the act of Satan and the sons of disobedience who ignore the words of God and make light of his teachings.

Many do not fear God, they have not met God much less know what is he like? They are fed by covetous teachers with words like God is good, nice and kind and merciful, even words like you are highly favored deeply blessed and greatly loved, as if God does not punish or chastise you anymore, and that God is so crazy and craves your acceptance of him that he will overlook all your trespasses. No more sanctification by the truth, only receive Jesus and all is well and fine and you are saved forever; is this truth?

2 Peter 2:3 (New International Version)

3In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.

They have not seen the holiness, righteousness and wrath of a God who is frustrated with his creations who constantly seek to go away from his words and do what they like or prefer. These Christians can even select scripture to say what they want, thereby twisting the word of God to their own selfish desires given to obeying the satanic act of disobedience and rebellion. Their time to see the chastisement of God is at hand, if God were to be their true father, he promises to chastise everyone he calls sons. But if he doesn’t chastise or rebuke you then you are not his son; the bible says so if you ever bothers to read it, that is?

Should you desire to seek the truth go to my website at or email your questions to me at God promises that whoever will seek him with all his heart mind and soul, he will find him. And those who find him find favor and blessings in his words of wisdom and salvation for the lost. It’s the truth that sets you free from your sins and bondages. God bless.

Source by Joseph Ho

Online Casinos With Best Gambling Payouts

With the rise of online gambling, it’s but natural that players look for gaming venues on the Internet that offer them the best possible payouts. I have compiled a list of the top online casinos that offer gamers the highest gambling payouts available. But first, let’s discuss what you need to know about casino payout percentages.

Casino payout percentages are usually computed by comparing the amount of winnings against the actual amounts wagered for all the games at a particular casino. Players should take into account that casino payout percentages do not automatically indicate the results or the future payouts of any game. The term “casino payout” is just used to illustrate the average amount that a bet will generate. So, the expected return on even money bets will be written as 1.00 or 100%. If the house has a 2.7% edge on roulette, for example, the expected return is described as .973 or 97.3%.

With that said, here are some of the online casinos with the best gambling payouts for gamers:

Blackjack Ballroom – 98.55%. The Blackjack Ballroom is part of the Casino Rewards Group, and is a relatively long-standing player in the online gaming industry, having been operational since November 2000. Despite the name, lots of other games are available for the players – over 160 games, according to their website. New games are also being added to their repertoire on a regular basis. Their games are easy to find, since they are all categorized according to type (slots, table games, etc.).

Captain Cooks Casino – 97.66%. Captain Cooks has been operating since 1999 and is one of the most respected and oldest online casinos available today. Despite their age, they are up-to-date with the latest casino technology, and have recently upgraded their Microgaming software to the latest version. Speaking of the software itself, it’s both available in a download version and a flash version. Captain Cooks offers several variants of Blackjack, Video Poker, and table games to suit the varied tastes of gamers.

Crazy Vegas Casino – 97.34%. The ongoing bonuses they offer attract a lot of loyal players. A 15% bonus on every deposit, plus $11 free and a 100% match-up bonus for up to $100 – no wonder this casino is a favorite among online gamers. They also offer some of the lowest betting limits anywhere for many of their games. Several versions of blackjack, video poker, slot machines, and other table games are on hand to provide a plethora of gaming fun and excitement to their patrons.

Fortune Room Casino – 97.18%. A member of the Fortune Lounge group and operational for more than 5 years, the Fortune Room Casino offers all the bells and whistles of a rich casino experience through the download version of their software. Players can get it from the sophisticated website, which provides a wealth of handy and useful information about the casino, banking, customer support, and the games, of course. Players can even review their account history down to the last cards they played with the Playcheck and Cashcheck technology that Fortune Room uses. This really helps players who want to analyze their plays and keep track of their wins and losses.

Source by Richard Legg

Poker Budget Management Explained

A little look at budget management – now trust me this will improve your game providing you stick to rules…

The good thing about poker these days is there is always a game to be found online regardless of your budget, but not every player stays in their budget range. The problem for a lot of players is that a large majority of people still look at poker as 30 minutes of gambling – but these sorts of player will tend to deposit a certain amount and put the whole lot at risk in a mater of minutes.

So what should we do?

Well, different people deal with this principle in different ways – personally, if I know I have a certain budget to play with, then I like to stick to a few (in my opinion) helpful rules. Say I have a certain amount as my bankroll for one day, in my first game I will look to put between 20 to 25% at risk. So lets say I’m risking 25% in my first sit down, and assume things went badly, so I’ve lost the 25% of my initial budget.

Ok, so I’m down but I’m not out, at least I’m managing my funds, and giving myself the best chance to get back in the game. So now we must go out to play again with 75% of your initial budget remaining – so in order to ensure I last a few more games, I’m going to set myself 25% of what I have left to play with, so even if the worst were still to happen in this game, I’ll still have over half (56.25%) of what I started with, rather than nothing.

However, obviously saying that you’ll lose (at worst) 43.75% of your budget in two games is a worst case scenario – we’re hoping that, with our help, you aren’t losing at all and you’re on your way to becoming a poker shark!

So on this second stage of play, let’s say I’ve had a good win and increased my bankroll – now, rather than go and risk all my winnings, I’ll apply the same rules to what I can risk in the next game. This will mean that regardless of the result in the next game, you’ve still got a good portion of your winnings.

Trust me when I say that small profits are much better than big losses.

Keep this up and you will be making a tidy profit in no time, and even if you fail to win – and with the help on this site in our video lessons section or the information in our blogs, you shouldn’t – then the amount of game-play you will get for your cash, and level of experience will no doubt increase.

How long could, say £100 last on a 25% scale? Let’s work it out…see the handy table on our site. Click here!

So, sticking to this rule we’d get 11 games out of our money – however, this is a real worst case scenario, but does show that for this money you’re getting a lot of gaming experience. Obviously, if you’ve been working through the advice we’ve been giving out, for free, in our videos, blogs or help-sheets, then you really shouldn’t be losing 11 games in a row anyway.

If you have any queries or anything you’d like to ask us – please get in touch through our homepage at Alternatively, if you feel you need a little more help with your poker, please remember that all our videos, blogs and help-sheets are available on the site too at no cost.

Thanks for reading, check out more of our blogs here!


Source by Be The Poker Shark

Misuse of internet why

However, if not used for constructive purpose, this immensely useful technology can also backfire. As children Internet use grew exponentially in the last decade, with it emerged a number of correspondent expectations. Among them were the following: (1) that gender predicts usage, i.e., that boys spend more time online, surfing the web and playing violent games, while girls chat or shop online; (2) That Internet use causes social isolation and depression, especially for teens; and (3) That children misuse the Internet for anonymous identity experimentation. Our research focuses on the misuse of internet by school children. Hypothesis: This study reports the analysis of the misuse of internet among children and how it may affect their education, health and career. Problem: try to stop or cut down the misuse among children by using filtering software, by educating the parents and telling them to monitor their children and keep a check of the websites visited by their children. Method: when we were assigned the report, we were told to select a topic of our own choice and get it approved by our course instructor. We listed 4 topics and showed them to our teacher and she advised us to work on “misuse of internet among school children”. We then discussed this topic with the teacher and with friends and took their comments ad then we made a survey form which was to be filled by our target population. The survey form was checked and approved by our teacher and we then started getting them filled by school children of class 8th, 9th ad 10th. We visited 3 different use schools and got our forms filled. Findings: through the findings of our research, we can say that girls are less prone to internet as compared to boys. The extent to which both genders misuse internet is more in boys. Secondly, the research suggests that girls are less addicted to internet than boys. BACKGROUND Internet has emerged as an essential media channel for personal communications, academic research, information exchange, and entertainment. While the positive aspects are renowned, concerns continue to mount regarding problematic Internet usage behaviors. ~ 2 ~ The internet is an exciting technological advancement that is becoming very common now days because it is on of the fastest ways of getting information. People of different status and age group use the net in various ways. It is used commonly for business information exchange, education and communication. The extent of use of the net in everyday life has become so common that it is now an integral part of our lives. As the internet is being increasingly used as an education and information resource, parents have to decide how to make it a safe place for their children. Pornography, violence, obscenity and hatred lurk in unexpected places, and innocent children stumble upon them all too frequently. It is not the problem of parents and their children only, but employees viewing and trading pornographic, offensive or otherwise unproductive material has also emerged as a key concern of many business managers. Not only are these activities wasteful of time and resources in themselves, they may also involve the employer in legal issues. The ease of access and distribution of these materials makes these issues all too common in daily business. LITERATURE REVIEW There are many misuses of internet faced by us in our daily life. Some of them are most common amongst school children include: Hacking: breaking into computer systems. Instant Messaging: a type of communications service that enables you to create a kind of private chat room with another individual in order to communicate in real time over the Internet. Porn: A slang term used to describe e-mail spam specifically of adult content or of a pornographic nature. Sites containing profane and vulgar language, expletives, revealing attire, adult situations, criminal activity, nudity and any other subjects generally considered inappropriate for children. Viruses/Malicious codes: Malicious code is the term used to describe any code in any part of a software system or script that is intended to cause undesired effects, security breaches or damage to a system. It is a security terms that includes attack scripts, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, backdoors, and malicious active content. Cyber Bullying: Slang term used to describe online harassment, which can be in the form of flames, comments made in chat rooms, the sending of offensive or cruel e-mail, or even harassing others by posting on blogs, Web pages or social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook or MySpace. Unlike physical bullying, cyber bullying can often be difficult to track as the cyber bully — the person responsible for the acts of cyber bullying — can remain anonymous when threatening others online Gambling: Sites that promote or practice gambling involving the use of actual money, illegally or otherwise, in the form of online casinos, lotteries, or sports betting. Drug/Alcohol Abuse: Sites encouraging or glamorizing the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs, instructions for manufacturing illegal substances, references to drug paraphernalia, “drug culture”, and promoting/selling alcohol and/or tobacco to minors. ~ 3 ~ A research on the same topic as ours was conducted by Nimra Amjad. The summary of her findings is stated below (Source: dawn newspaper April 26, 2003) Statistics for the year 2000 available on the internet reveal that only 4.5 persons per 1000 people in Pakistan use internet compared with 45 in India, 14.5 in Iran, 10.5 in Sri Lanka and 6.5 in Nepal. In a survey she conducted in Karachi last year, it was found that: • 86 per cent of the children surveyed said they have computers at their homes. • 93 per cent of parents questioned said they want to monitor children over the internet. • None of the respondents is using any filtering software. • 75 per cent respondents are willing pay extra amount for web filtering through ISPs It was further disclosed in the survey that the four most common activities performed by children online are: – Emails, Chatting, Downloading songs, Searching for cracking tools. We choose the topic “misuse of internet” in order to make people aware about the misuse of internet in their surroundings. Internet is a global network which is used by everyone. Especially kids are exposed to material that is inappropriate for them. There are some Sites and filtering software currently available to prevent unsupervised children use of unsuitable information available on the net. We want to put this issue in front of all, specially the parents, so that they can monitor their children. As the internet is being increasingly used as an education and information resource, parents have to decide how to make it a safe place for their children. Pornography, violence, obscenity and hatred lurk in unexpected places, and innocent children stumble upon them all too frequently. It is not the problem of parents and their children only, but employees viewing and trading pornographic, offensive or otherwise unproductive material has also emerged as a key concern of many business managers. Not only are these activities wasteful of time and resources in themselves, they may also involve the employer in legal issues. The ease of access and distribution of these materials makes these issues all too common in daily business. The filtering should be made compulsory in schools, colleges and other educational institutes so that the students only use internet solely for the educational purpose. It is more effective to block unhealthy activities from the server end as it’s more secure and people cannot bypass it easily. For this purpose, family friendly ISPs need to join hands. METHOD a. Subjects: ~ 4 ~ The research was conducted on school children of class 8th 9th and 10th aged between 14 and 16. b. Procedure: Our research had a sample size of 40 students; 20 of them were girls and 20 were boys. Their age as mentioned below, was between 14 and 16 years and they were students of secondary classes. We tried to collect as authentic information from them as we could but there were some extraneous variables which could not be controlled by us. For example, some students were in a hurry as they had to catch their school vans, some of them were not in a good mood because they had a bad test in their class, some had test after 20 minutes so they were stressed about it. Variables such as these might have affected their filling of the questionnaire with the accurate information. c. Statistical evaluation: The statistical analysis of our research findings is done by using simple average and percentage method. We have totaled the answers of all our questionnaires and showed them in the form of bar graphs. These bar .graphs show the results in a more clear form and also show the comparison of internet misuse among boys and girls. RESULTS QUESTION 1: ~ 5 public computer network that provides the communication infrastructure for applications such as e-mail, the World Wide Web, and FTP. The Internet is not one individual network, but an interconnected system of smaller networks using common protocols to pass packets of information from one computer to another. Early work on the Internet began in the 1960s at the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), in the USA. It was based on theories of packet switching, particularly those of Leonard Kleinrock. In 1967 work by Lawrence Roberts, Vinton Cerf, and Bob Kahn led to the publishing of plans for the ARPANET network. They were put into practice in 1969, when the ARPANET was used to connect four university computers. In 1972 the ARPANET had its first public demonstration at the International Computer Communication Conference. In the same year, Ray Tomlinson designed the first application for this new network: e-mail. The ARPANET had used a protocol called NCP, but it had compatibility problems. Engineers needed to design protocols that could meet the needs of an open-architecture network. Roberts and Cerf then led the team that created the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), which swiftly became the standard Internet protocol. In 1983 the ARPANET switched from using NCP to TCP/IP, and the network was separated into military (MILNET) and non-military systems. By 1985 the Internet was well established among scientific researchers and developers, and was beginning to be used for daily computer communications. By the early 1990s, access had become cheap enough for domestic users to have their own links on home personal computers. The impact of the Internet on the economy has been huge. In 2002 Internet-related activities accounted for nearly 10 million jobs. By 2006, it was estimated that there were more than 1 billion Internet users worldwide. A report published in November 2003 by Nielson NetRatings found that that US Internet users in the over-65 age group accounted for the largest increase in Internet use. Women in this age group increased their Web use by 30% on the previous year, and men by 20%. In 1999 Internet2 became operational, running on a second network, Abilene, operated by private contractors and providing a high-speed data communications system for 205 US research universities, enabling them to bypass the congestion on the Internet. DISCUSSION According our report: · 52% of girls perceive chat from the word INTERNT and 60% of males perceive surfing from it. · 35% boys download (songs, movies, games) where as 43% girls visit social networks · 63% of student check mark their behavior that they stay online longer than originally intended. · 76% of students don’t inform their parent when they chat with a stranger. · 60% of the males met with the person whom they didn’t know personally where as 55% of female didn’t met and wont if they ever get chance. · 30% of the boys said they do share their personal photos with anyone. · 62% boys said they chat with anyone available online, while 48% of the girls said they chat with friends only. · 60% of the boys spend more than 1 hr where as 62% of girls spend less than 1 hr on net. · 73% of the parents don’t ask about what their children do on the internet, or don’t keep a check on their visited web pages. · 62% girls said it doesn’t matter if they don’t get access to internet a day but 45% boys go to friend’s place to use internet. Our research shows that males misuse internet more than females. While conducting interview we asked teachers about student performance. They said girls are getting good scores than boys. Most of the boys have problems like uncompleted assignments, more absences than girls and etc. As our survey shows that 60% of boys spend more than 1 hr on net so internet is effecting badly the studies of students especially boys. ~ 10 ~ On comparing our report with others we find out the same abuses of internet mentioned in our report and many other reports high light that most of the misuse of internet is done by males .our results shows the same thing. LIMITATIONS AND SUGGESTIONS The sample size for our research was 41 subjects, which is of course a very small sample size. We cannot say that this research is reliable because the results are only based on 41 subjects. There might be flaws in overall results due to this limitation In relation to the internet, we need a shared culture of responsibilities with families, government ad organizations all playing their part to reduce the availability of potentially harmful material, restrict access to it by children and to increase children’s resilience. We would like to make some suggestions for the government and for the parents which may help in controlling the misuse of Internet by children. For the Government: 1. The Government should ensure that e-safety best practice is well reflected in guidance and exemplar case studies across the curriculum as part of the support being provided to help schools to implement the new curriculum. 2. We also recommend that the independent review of the primary curriculum should be done which must take full notice of e-safety issues. 3. The TDA should take steps to ensure that new teachers entering the profession are equipped with e-safety knowledge and skills. 4. The Government should encourage school owners and teachers to focus on e-safety by identifying it as a national priority for continuous professional development of teachers and the wider school workforce That in all schools, action must be taken at a whole-school level to ensure that e-safety is mainstreamed throughout the school’s teaching, learning and other practices. For parents: 1. It is important for parents to educate them-selves about this technology and the myriad opportunities for fun and learning that it offers. Just as there are different television programs and different kinds of magazines some appropriate for kids of certain ages and some not appropriate for kids at all —there are many types of places to visit in cyberspace. Spending time online with your child is one of the best ways to monitor them and teach them what is right and what is wrong. This will help a lot in cutting down internet crimes and misuse. 2. Ask children to share their favorite Web sites and what they like about them. Help them discover Websites that can help them with their homework, hobbies, and other special interests. Doing this will help you make your children use the internet for the good purposes and will save them from misusing it. 3. Consider locating your home computer in a family area where use can be shared and monitored. Teach your children “netiquette” how to behave online. ~ 11 ~ 4. Just as you teach your child rules about dealing with strangers outside the home, you must provide rules for communicating online. Teaching your children about the basic rules and making them aware of the hazards can help in keeping them away from misusing the internet. Since there is no limit on use of internet, it frequently exposes kids to material that is inappropriate for them. Site and content web filtering is currently the best way to prevent unsupervised children to the unsuitable information available on the net.

Source by Dr Izharul Hasan

Online Card Games Offer Unlimited Fun and Excitement

Before the advent of the online card games concept, card game lovers have had to content themselves with a weekend game with their friends. The exclusive and suave Los Vegas casinos were only within the reach of elite class due to their exorbitant card club membership fees. It’s not only costly, but you may also have a tough time in developing a rapport with other players especially if you are a newbie. If you are not natural in that skill, it can be a problem for you. Playing at those elite casinos is not about glamour and glitz alone as they show in the James Bond film, Casino Royale. But now you can get the same excitement and thrill by playing card games online.

With online card games, you no longer have to be in the list of a privileged few to enjoy your favorite card game in elite casino clubs. No more heavy entrance fee to the expensive casinos, no more jostling in heavy traffic to reach there in time and then also finding parking place to park; you can play online card games from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can play at your convenience as sites providing online card games are open round the clock. And there is no time limit to play your favorite online card games. From the crack of dawn till midnight, you can play as much as you want. With online card games, you won’t have the trouble of finding a partner anymore. As these card games are accessible from the Web, there is always someone to enjoy a game of cards.

The Internet has opened up card games to everyone. Even if you are a newbie to the card games, you can easily follow the step by step instructions provided in the sites and play online card games. Many online card game sites also offer free card games which you can download and practice to hone your gaming skill before you attempt real online card games. This is recommended as the card games available online are equally tough to play just like their offline counterpart. Also real money is at stake in these online card games even if the medium is virtual. Hence starting with the free online card games will not only let you know the basics of the game, but you will also get to learn a lot of strategies to win a game if you observe closely.

All the popular card games starting from Hearts, Spades, Klondike Solitaire, Canasta, to tougher ones like Bridge, BalckJack, and Poker is available at online card game sites in full version. BalckJack, which is considered as one of the most popular card games can be played versus the computer dealer or the live casino site dealer while playing online. Another popular card game Poker can be played online through video poker as well as live player poker rooms. You can choose any of your favorite card games. And if you are not choosy, then you can pick any online card games as per your temperament. The bottom line is to have some fun and that’s what online card games offer.

Source by Jack Connor

Memory Games and Activities for Seniors

It’s important that as people age they find ways to keep both their body and mind sharp. Sandy Gibson, the Director of Nursing with BrightStar of Chicago, put together a great list of games and activities to do with seniors to help with memory. These are great exercises for those suffering from dementia.

Memory Card Game

This classic card game is a great way to exercise memory. Lay all the cards from a deck face down in a 13 x 4 pattern. The first player turns two cards over at random. If they are a match, he gets to keep them and go again. If they are different numbers, he must turn them back over and it is the next player’s turn. As more and more cards are revealed, players are forced to remember where certain cards are in the grid. The player with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.

Simon Says

Simon Says exercises reflex skills and memory. It is appropriate for seniors already experiencing memory loss. Stand at the front of the room. Do an action, such as putting your hands on your head. Describe the action, introducing it with “Simon says.” For example, “Simon says put your hands on your head.” The participants must imitate your actions until you describe a gesture you are doing without saying “Simon says.” Anyone who does the gesture is out. The game requires that seniors quickly recall the names of body parts.

Name That Tune

This game is great for exercising and testing long-term memory. Assemble various recordings of songs that were popular when today’s seniors were young. Play a short clip from a song. Participants must write down the name of the song and the artist. Play 10-15 different songs. Announce the answers one by one. The participant with the highest number of correct responses wins.

Memory Circle

This game strengthens both long- and short-term memory. Assemble a group of senior citizens in a circle. Go around the circle and have participants share memories of a favorite hobby or activity from their childhood. Once each person has had a chance to share, go around the circle again. This time, have each person recount the same memory of another participant. Continue until everyone has had a chance to recount someone else’s memory

Tech Games

In the age of technology and gadgets, seniors can benefit from a host of games. The Nintendo DS is a hand-held game console. Among the games available for it is “Brain Age/Brain Age 2,” a game with nine puzzles, multi-level Sudoku rounds and speed counting memory tests. Another, “Clubhouse Games,” offers 40 classic senior-friendly games like “Texas Hold ‘Em,” backgammon, checkers, bowling, billiards and darts. These particular activities will challenge a senior’s speed, dexterity, memory and mental focus.

Traditional Games

You can never go wrong with traditional games that exercise mental focus and memory. Brain teasers, crossword puzzles, bingo boards and puzzles are available in large print and large sizes to make it easier for seniors to handle, see and play.

Group Fun

Trivia games for seniors can be a group activity that allows them to develop a sense of teamwork while bonding with their peers. Such games alleviate loneliness, a state of being that triggers depression, anxiety and dementia in seniors, according to The Senior Review. Trivia games can be especially enjoyable for seniors knowledgeable on subjects such as music, movies, history, art and sports.

Board Games

Board games such as chess, Monopoly, and even children’s games like Candyland and Chutes and Ladders help improve the short-term memory of seniors. Board games provide seniors a way to assist their peers, giving them a sense of helpfulness. Board games with basic play rules are less about competitiveness and more about having fun and encouraging each player to do his best.

Outdoor Games

Other than getting fresh air and exercise, there are plenty of games to play with seniors outside. Depending on the physical fitness level of the senior, games such as Red Light Green Light, Simon Says, Freeze Tag, sports games or a scavenger hunt are examples of games to get senior citizens outdoors and are free to play.

Arts and Crafts

With items that you already have, you can do arts and crafts with your senior. According to the Seniors Love to Know website, scrap booking is a fun way to gather your photos and mementos together and is a great way to organize your treasures. Drawing and sketching can also be enjoyable and to make it a game, you can play Pictionary or have contests based on what picture looks the most realistic, the most bizarre, the most creative, etc.

Card Games

Card games are free and can be fun for people of all ages. There are a variety of different card games to choose from and the flexibility of cards means that you can make up your own games if you choose. Find a game your senior wants to play or you can get ideas from the Games Info Depot website and play popular games such as Old Maid, Bridge, Poker, BlackJack and Cribbage.


Get out the bingo cards, bingo balls and bingo markers, and let the seniors enjoy a couple of games of bingo. For added fun, create the bingo cards and markers to match the nearest holiday. If Halloween is coming up, use bingo cards with pictures of bats, scarecrows, candy and scary masks. The seniors can use candy corns as bingo markers and instead of saying “Bingo,” have them shout, “Happy Halloween.” Do the same for Valentine’s Day, and use conversation hearts as bingo markers. Award the game winners with holiday-themed prizes.

Marshmallow Toss

Hang a wreath or circle ring from the ceiling that is approximately 6 inches in diameter. Dust several large marshmallows with flour to keep them from getting sticky. Mark a standing line 10 feet from the wreath or circle. Give each senior 10 marshmallows to try to toss through the wreath or ring. Award a prize to each senior who makes a marshmallow through the ring. For added decoration, make the ring heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day; use a holiday wreath for Christmas; and use a Halloween-themed wreath for Halloween. If you do not have marshmallows, play this game with beanbags.

Balloon Volleyball

Use a small rope to hang across a room. The seniors can sit in chairs or stand to play a game of balloon volleyball. Divide the seniors into two teams. Each team will get on one side of the rope. The seniors will hit the balloon back and forth like volleyball. Keep score, and the first team to score 10 points wins the game. For another balloon game, give each senior a balloon and see who can hit the balloon in the air the longest amount of time.

Brain and Mind Games

Seniors require mental stimulation and games that improve the brain and memory skills are beneficial. The Nursing Home Activities Resource website suggests games such as crossword puzzles, board games such as chess, Sudoku, Trivia games and jigsaw puzzles. To make these games free, play board games you already own and you can print out free puzzles and games from websites online or make your own!

Vacation Game

Have several people sit in a circle. Start the game by saying, “I am going on a trip to Florida and in my suitcase I am taking a shirt.” Ask the person beside you to say the same thing but add another item to the suitcase. The person will say, “I am going on a trip to Florida and in my suitcase I am taking a shirt and a [fill in the blank].” Continue to play around the circle until it comes back to you. You end the game by reciting the original saying and remembering all the items added to the suitcase.

Room Memorization

Ask a senior to look around a room they are familiar with like a bedroom, then ask the person to leave the room for a minute. Switch a few things in the room or hide some things. Ask the senior to return and tell you what has moved or what is missing.

Daily Journals

Help seniors write daily journals at the end of each day. Ask them to remember each thing they did and write each thing down. Tell them to visualize their day if they are having trouble remembering the things they did. Make a game of it by trying to remember hour by hour. Ask them to remember more each day than they did the day before. See who can remember the most details.

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