Online Poker, an Untapped Source of Tax Dollars

“Online Poker, an Untapped Source of Tax Dollars”

Currently in the U.S., Internet gaming operates outside of our economic and revenue system. Despite this fact, it enjoys widespread popularity in the U.S. and has grew into a substantial industry. Within this industry, online poker has become the dominant factor for the significant growth in Internet gaming. It would appear that this growth would continue to dominate; however, in 2006 the U.S. government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in response to this online poker boom. In brief, the act prohibits any American poker player to fund an online poker site account in conjunction with a financial institution. The basic reasoning behind the UIGEA legislation is that companies that run offshore gambling sites, with large numbers of U.S. based customers, may be involved in other criminal activities. Also, unlike legal gambling businesses in the U.S., the government receives no tax revenues from offshore operations.

The act caused panic and frustration among many players and caused many internet poker companies to leave the U.S. market (most notably “Party Poker”). However, despite the legislation some sites saw this as a business opportunity to absorb the displaced players, and these companies continue to thrive today. For example, according to in 2007 Poker Stars (one of the sites that stayed in the U.S. market) broke an online poker traffic record that was previously held by Party Poker.

So right now you may be asking: How can these online poker sites continue to be profitable in the U.S. with the enactment of UIGEA? Well first of all the UIGEA does not prohibit a person from playing online poker, it prohibits the transfer of funds from an U.S. financial institution into an online poker account. The answer is simply people and the poker sites have found alternative ways to transfer funds. For example services like ewallet; ewallet works just like PayPal does for EBay. Also some sites accept online phone cards that you can purchase with your visa card, and then you use the online phone card to fund the poker account. Basically these alternative ways disguise the direct transfer from a financial institution and have been very effective.

Rather than trying to prevent Americans from playing online poker, the Federal Government should embrace it. By taking an opposing position on internet gaming, including internet poker, the government has denied itself an important source of potenial revenues and the ability to regulate this industry. Before the enactment of UIGEA, there was no Federal legistation governing online poker. Instead of this prohibiton, the US should pass legislation to establish online poker as a viable US business activity and collect the tax revenues with that activity. Considering the magnitude of the Internet poker industry, the Federal Government could collect a significant source of revenue after incorporating this industry into our economy. Estimates of Federal revenues based on the existing Internet poker market, if regulated and taxed, would generate potentially over $3.3 billion annually in new taxes.

If appropriate legislative action were taken, potential sources of revenue would come from tax revenues from individual income taxes, user fees, and corporation income taxes. Revenue associated with individuals would simply be the income tax paid on their winnings. Conservative estimates suggest that individual income taxes alone would increase Federal revenues by approximately $2.5 billion each year. Revenue associated with corporations would result from those Internet gaming businesses that locate in the U.S., and as other U.S. corporations do they would pay income taxes on the net revenues associated with their business activity. Additionally, many industry analyses anticipate that such land based casinos as Harrah’s, MGM, or Trump would immediately enter the online market if legalized.

The UIGEA is causing the U.S. to miss out on billions of tax revenue that wouldn’t come from exisitng taxes or even increasing the federal deficit. The act prevents casinos and legal card rooms based in the U.S. from entering the online poker market that continues to grow and expand, supported in large by US activity. Also these Internet poker companies are located offshore, meaning all this potential tax revenue from American players is going off to other countries. According to a report from the Poker Players Alliance; to the extent that casinos based in the U.S. would enter the online poker market or that offshore companies would relocate in the U.S., income taxes on corporate profits alone would result in approximately $350 million in additional tax revenue. In addition to Federal revenues, it is expected that these businesses would be subject to state taxes as well. For most states income tax systems determine state tax liabilities based on the Federal tax base. As the Federal base increases, it is likely that state revenues would increase by approximately $1 billion.   

Legislation to regulate and tax Internet poker should be passed, instead of trying to ban it all together. In these times of crushing federal deficits, a few billion dollars in new tax revenues would be helpful to the government.  

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Online Gambling Laws in Indiana – Who is Really Benefiting From Them?

Online gambling laws in Indiana are quite complicated they require an individual to undertake hours of study to have a thorough understanding of them so as to ensure that they are followed correctly. However, don’t be alarmed as there are a couple legal websites which are set up to provide you with the necessary information you may want – the basics of the gambling laws in plain English that anyone can understand. One point that we need to keep in mind though, there are federal laws which are set as a general basis from which all the states create their own laws, like for instance the online gambling laws in Indiana. This article is based on highlighting the advantages of the online gambling laws in Indiana that make them different from other states.

The online gambling laws in Indiana lie firmly in favor of the government. Even though the majority of the online gambling services are provided by private institutions, the rules set up by the government on Indiana leave the Indiana government with a certain degree of control over the entire system. Thus, there would be order, and once the online casinos as well as the online gamblers make themselves aware of the rules and regulations that they need to follow everyone would be able to enjoy the exciting world of online gaming peacefully and more important – legally.

Gambling laws in Indiana concerning internet gambling make it almost impossible for individuals to gamble legally online in Indiana. This is a good thing in the eyes of the government as it of course would reduce the chances of individuals becoming addicted to gambling as if you are gambling online you can participate in this in a much easier fashion than having to go out to a casino to gamble, it can be done at any time day or night and anywhere so a person wouldn’t even have to leave their home to gamble and so could secretly develop an addiction. Also it would be beneficial to the government as they would not have to spend money on setting up programs to help these individuals with their addictions. The third advantage of online gambling laws in Indiana would be in favor of the online casino itself. See there are specific procedures and regulations in which these online casinos need to follow in order to establish themselves, operate, even to advertise, therefore those adhere to these specific laws would not be able to operate once they are discovered. The fourth advantage of online gambling laws in Indiana would be to protect online gamblers from online fraud. This simply means that information is made available via websites which educate individuals on the various scams that are occurring at various casinos or which casinos don’t pay up when you go to cash out.

All of these supposed benefits however ignore the right to the pursuit of happiness underlined in the constitution and a well policed online gambling establishment could be the key to happiness for dozens of individuals in Illinois who are being denied it. Allowing online gambling would increase income in the state of Illinois which would be beneficial to the businesses all around. The most important part to consider though is that people are going to find ways to get around gambling laws and as such may get taken for all they’re worth by immoral online gambling casinos if online gambling weren’t outlawed we could protect all these unwary gamblers.

In closing we need to keep in mind that rules are put in place for our protect and they all serve a very important purpose no matter how small it may be, but some rules need to change with the times. Think about this when you vote for your laws.

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7 Great Gifts for the Gambling Enthusiast in Your Life

If someone you love is a big-time gambler, or just loves their weekly home poker game, then gaming accessories make the perfect holiday gift.   There’s a gambling-related gift for almost every taste and budget.  And to get you pointed in the right direction, check out the list of unique items below.

Here are five unique gift ideas that they will love!

Customized poker chips.

Give a set of customized poker chips and you are delivering a guaranteed one-of-a-kind gift.  You can order clay poker chips monogrammed with the individual’s initials, favorite sports team logo or even the logo of their business.  It’s an unforgettable gift that will last for years and years.  They’ll love showing off their personalize chips to the folks in their weekly game.

Slot machines.

A great conversation starter for any room in the house, a personal casino slot machine is the gift that keeps on giving.  The recipient can program the machine for any odds setting and even load it up so that it dispenses real money!  Perfect for a game room or rec room.

Automatic card shufflers and casino-used decks.

Authentic casino supplies such as used decks of cards make great stocking stuffers.  And when those card need to be randomized, make sure the person on your list has a cool automatic card shuffler.  Perfect for everything from Wednesday poker night to casino benefit nights, card shufflers get the job done without any strain on the dealer’s hands or wrists.

A craps table.

This item is for serious gambling enthusiasts only!  A genuine craps table lets the gamer in your life host big-time craps nights in their home, and also provides a great place to practice their game.  You’ll feel like you’re on the casino floor.

Books on gambling.

Few hobbies or sports have been the source for as much literature as gambling.  From “how to win” books to memoirs of great poker hands, there is a wealth of great reading on the subject of gambling.  Pick out a few of the classics and give them as a set to gaming-reader on your holiday shopping list.

Texas Hold Em sets.

Know somebody who loves Texas Hold ‘Em?  Then pick up a Texas Hold ‘Em gift set.  These sets are affordably priced and offer everything needed to pick up and play the world’s most popular poker variation, including: cards, chips, buttons and more.


While sitting down at the baccarat table in a casino can be a bit too pricey, playing at home is a different matter.  Buy a baccarat set as a gift and transform your dad or brother into a home version of James Bond.  It’s a great way to practice before hitting the no-limit VIP room at the casino.

This holiday season, the place to go for all your gambling gifts is Poker chest offers an incredible selection of chips, tables, cards and other must-have poker accessories for everyone on your list.

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The Difference Between Limit and No Limit Texas Hold’em

Italian poker players have a choice of playing limit or no-limit Texas Hold’Em when they sit down at a poker table, whether it is in a casino or in online poker. There is no real difference in the way the game is played because the difference lies in the size of the pot. Limit poker is really challenging intellectually. A spread limit is usually implemented and each round of betting on the flop, turn or river will have both a minimum and maximum limit in place for how much you are allowed to bet.

If you like to bluff, then you won’t do well in limit Texas Hold’Em. Bluffing is rarely used in this poker game. Most of the hands are played directly, which is why it is so important to always make the right decisions. In contrast to limit Texas Hold’Em, one of the strategies Italian and other poker players use in no-limit games is the that of applying pressure at strategic points in the game to win a large pot.

With the small limits used in limit Texas Hold’Em, you won’t win a lot of money. The advantage to playing this type of poker is that you can play for a longer period of time before you lose all your chips and get put out of the game. You really won’t learn any of the essential poker skills by continually playing limit Texas Hold’Em. There is very little aggression in the game and with the low pots, there is also little opportunity to learn to read the players and predict whether or not they think they have a winning hand. Limit poker is more scientific and mathematical in nature, where as learning to become a good no-limit player is an art form in itself.

That is not to say that you don’t need to have knowledge of the rules of Texas Hold’Em in order to play limit games. You still need to have the basic knowledge of how to play the game. Beginners usually start off playing for real money with limit games so that they won’t lose a lot of money until they become comfortable with their game play. The potential for loss is much less in limit poker than it is in no-limit poker.

Once you do have a good grasp of the game, then you can move on to no-limit poker. You can beat any opponent in either forms of the game as long as you employ good poker strategies and gain an understanding of how the other players play the game. Being able to read the other players is perhaps the most important poker strategy that you can have in your repertoire. Once you have this understanding, you will also have the ability to change your game play during the game to meet the changes of your opponents so that you take advantage of their weaknesses. You also have to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and know the right time to make a move or when you should fold your hand.

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Are Online Poker Sites Fair Or Rigged?

The online poker sites would have you believe that their software is fair for all players. In fact many of the online poker sites are required to submit their software for rigorous testing to prove it is a fair game for all players. However, is the software really fair? On the other hand, is there something going on in the background that many people never realize?

Many victims of bad beats will scream “this site is rigged” while others will counter that the suck outs and bad beats are all a part of poker and it happens even in live games. While that is true, it still begs the question as to whether there is more to the online poker game than meets the eye.

In a recent study conducted by a popular poker forum, the question, “Are Online Poker Sites Rigged?” was posed and the results were nearly split with 42% saying yes and 58% saying no. However, opinions by players really have no bearing on the truth as to whether there is something amiss in the software.

Attention to the fact that there are flaws in the software used to produce ‘random’ cards has always been the focal point of the argument. The fact that a computer program is determining the outcome using a RNG (Random Number Generator), does not imply the game is fair or random.

A RNG is merely a program that will “shuffle” the 52-card deck and appear to deal that deck in what may seem to be a random manner. However, because the RNG has limitations on capacity and ability to be truly random, additional software algorithms and processes are added into the online poker software to further insinuate a fair game.

It is these additional programs and algorithms that is the true culprit in creating an environment where bad beats and suck outs will occur more frequently. A popular poker site once claimed that the reason one may see so many bad beats online is that more hands are dealt. This limp explanation is neither credible nor even close to reality
A typical live tourney will see an average of 38 hands dealt per hour, while an online tourney will have 52 hands dealt per hour. That in itself, is not a significant difference to warrant the overwhelming amount of bad beats that occur. The fact is, you could sit through thousands of live hands and not see the amount of remarkable bad beats that will occur online.

There is, of course, an explanation for this anomaly, and that explanation lies in the flaws of the computer generated program that determines the outcome of hands in online poker. In reality, the poker sites are rigged, since they do not use a true random determination, rather a programmed determination and additional subroutines and algorithms to effect the final outcome.

The ‘rigged mentality’ is usually geared toward bad beats and suck outs; however, the poker sites are rigged toward the winning hands (not toward bad beats) through the use of special algorithms used to determine the outcome. Furthermore, anyone who knows how the software works could easily manipulate it to their own advantage, thereby winning in more tournaments and cashing more often.

So, the next time you play online poker, do it with the knowledge that the cards being dealt are not truly random, and that there is a software program that actually is the determining factor if you win the hand or not.

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Playing Multiple Tables in Online Poker

When you first start playing online poker, you may think that it is boring. You sit at a table and wait until all the other players make their moves. You can’t see their faces so you can’t really read their expressions. You can chat online, but at the same time, you probably play another computer game or look at other Internet sites while you wait. By playing only one table, you won’t win a lot of money because the pot isn’t that big, especially if you are a beginner with Italian online poker and you don’t want to take a chance at losing a lot of money. The key to winning in online poker is to play multiple tables at the same time.

The practice of playing several tables at the same time is called multi-tabling. It simply means that you are sitting at several tables and have a chance of winning more money. This is true whether you play limit or no-limit poker and whether the pot is high or low. It is one of the most valuable strategies that Italian players use for online poker to increase their chances of winning. Just about all of the inline poker sites have special software that lest you sit at multiple poker tables so that you play two, three or four games simultaneously. You can have all the tables showing on your screen so that you can set them out in whatever order you wish. For example, if you are playing four tables, each table would take up a quarter of your computer screen.

As a beginner, it is probably bets to get used to playing two tables at the same time and when you are able to maintain your focus on both tables, you can expand to three and four. Even the professional online poker players never play more than six tables at a time. Being able to focus on all the tables will definitely increase your rate of wins.

One of the factors that you have to consider when multi-tabling is how to select the tables to play at. You will have a variety of poker tables to select from and most of these will likely have a combination of weak and strong players. If there are a lot of poker tables, then this will tell you that the action is quite fast-paced. Some of the decisions you have to make in online poker are more difficult than they would be if you were playing face to face in a casino. There is less to observe because you can only see the table and you have to make a decision based on your cards at first and then the cards turned over in the flop, the turn and the river.

Always stick to the same game when playing more than one table. This means that if you are playing Texas Hold’Em on one table, you shouldn’t play Omaha at another. When you have to switch between tables that have different rules, it is much easier to lose focus or to become tangled up in which game you are playing at a table.

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Gambling in Montana

Situated in that great region where the Great Plains meets the Pacific Northwest, the state of Montana is famous for its huge, smoky mountain ranges, more than anything else. The Rocky Mountains dominate most of Montana, which is the fourth largest state in the United States of America yet has the seventh smallest population at just less than one million. Montana shares a 545 mile border with several Canadian Provinces to the North, as well as North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho.

The per capita income in Montano is low, amongst the lowest in the United States, largely derived from agriculture, with tourism running a close second. Montana was the scene of the famous Battle of Little Bighorn, as well as sharing some of the entrances to the huge Yellowstone National Park

The economy in Montana is slowly but steadily on the increase, in large part due to the state’s recognition of the importance of promoting tourism. Gambling is a big part of Montana’s culture, which makes it an even more attractive destination for out of state visitors. The fact that most of the Casinos are situated on American Indian reservations is of no issue as the Native American Tribes maintain good relations with the local population. As in most other states where the casinos cater more toward out of state visitors, Montanans prefer to do their gambling online, in the comfort and warmth of their own home, and not travel the vast distances to gamble at a live casino. The laws relating to casino gambling in Montana are a little bizarre. Whilst there are dozens of Casinos in Montana, they only allow slot games or video poker. There are no table games. And in any event, most of the live casinos are only open during the summer months when tourism is especially active in the state. There are also quite a few horse racing tracks in the state, but these are also mostly open in spring, summer and autumn.

The infrastructures for the casinos in Montana are excellent, all of them offering excellent dining facilities, bars and entertainment. Many of them are also situated in resort hotels, and offer every facility for tourists, such as shopping malls, parking facilities for RV’s, on-site child care and fine dining. However the state is still nowhere near to realizing the potential these casinos can offer in tax income and most especially job possibilities for the local population. Table games are what the people want in a live casino, especially the super popular Texas hold’em poker variation.

If the state legislators would wake up to the possibilities of extending the range of table games available in the excellent casinos which are already open in the state it would be doing a service to out of town visitors as well as the locals. Estimates are that it would triple the income of these casinos, and would prevent the drift of gamblers to other states or to spending their time and money gambling online.

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Understanding Poker Hand Basics

If you are ready to indulge in the world of competitive poker, you definitely want to familiarize yourself with the basics. We all know what basic supplies you will need the poker chips, the playing cards, an Octagon poker table with red or green felt, chairs, and cigars. But when it comes to the game, do you understand all the basics? If not, you are in big trouble. Up your poker game IQ and become acquainted with all of the poker hand basics.

1. First you want to make sure you know the value of each card. In order of importance this is how they are valued:: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack (J), queen (Q), king (K), and ace (A) remember that an ace can double up as the lowest card at times (1) at times if need be.

2. Know the values of the each one of the your possible hands. In ascending order of importance, they are as follows: one pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush. Each hand mentioned above will out beat the hands that are preceding it no matter what.

3. A hand referred to as a straight is simply five cards that are in numerical order but have different suites. For example the following is a straight, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

4. Be sure to understand that a flush is a hand which is made up of five cards that share the same exact suit.

5. A full house is a great hand. What it is a three of a kind along with a pair of matching cards.

6. A straight flush is almost the same as a straight hand but it consists of cards that all share the same suit.

7. And be sure you know of the royal flush. This is by far the best hand you could possible get. It always consists of a 10, a jack, a queen, a king and an ace. It’s quite tricky to be dealt this but it does happen.

Now that you know little bit more about the winning and losing hands of poker, start reading a poker book and developing skills, especially your game face. Utilize a variety of of strategies, perfect your tricks, watch others play and practice frequently, and last but not least, bet wisely. Good luck cowboy!

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Rush Poker Review On Full Tilt Poker

With the recent release of Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker, many players are finding that they can play hundreds of hands more per hour than they previously could in normal ring games. Although this is the major difference between Rush Poker and normal ring poker games, there are also other differences that set Rush Poker apart from the rest.

Some players welcome these new changes and type of game with open arms claiming that it will become the new way to play poker. Others are adverse to the new Rush Poker saying that the new rush poker strategy takes away a great deal from the classic poker strategy. Choosing whether to take part in Rush Poker will likely be a big decision for many players at Full Tilt Poker.

Advantages of Playing Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker

One of the greatest advantages of taking part in Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker is the new “Quick Fold” feature. In essence, you are allowed to fold out of a hand at any time during the betting cycle. Even if it is not your turn to make a decision, you can click the Quick Fold button and move on to another hand. Of course, many players at Full Tilt have already grown accustomed to being allowed to make a decision to fold or check before it is their turn.

However, in Rush Poker, you do not have to wait until the hand has been completed to begin a new one. As soon as you decide to Quick Fold, you are immediately sent to another game where a new hand begins. This new feature of Rush Poker drastically reduces down time between and during hands.

Another advantage of Rush Poker at Full Tilt is that the small blinds and seating positions are assigned at random. In addition, the big blind is assigned to the player who has not paid a blind for the longest amount of time. For this reason, tight aggressive players may find that their strategy is much more effective as they may not see blinds for a great deal of time. This can often allow for much tighter play and more potential for a tight aggressive strategy to be successful.

Disadvantages of Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker

One of the primary disadvantages that many players cite about Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker is that the speed of the game takes away some of the classic strategy that made poker what it is today. By some accounts, the speed of Rush Poker can almost completely eliminate strategy on the behalf of professional players. Of course, many players have found that this is simply not true. Even though players have the opportunity to fold out of hands quickly and play at a much more rapid pace, you still have the same amount of time to make a decision during each hand and no strategy is no longer valid.

Of course, Rush Poker can also prove to be detrimental to the bankrolls of players that are not careful. With the massive amount of hands that can be played every hour, especially if players choose to take advantage of Full Tilt’s Rush Poker multi-tabling feature, bankrolls can quickly be depleted over a short period of time. However, as long as players are being mindful of their bankrolls (a good strategy in any type of poker game, indeed form of gambling), this should not be a common issue.

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No Limit Life – The Best Problem Solving Approach

Poker is one of the most popular card games in America. Unlike other cards games that can be won by luck, poker requires strategic planning, quick thinking, and clever execution to win the game.

Tupelo Super Store has a wide range of poker books, which will help you to hone your skills and strategies build-up your skill and show the way to success. These books are written by experts and leading poker players, and one among the best is Charlie Shoten’s book– No Limit Life. This book not just focuses on the poker strategies, but offers you guidance on problem solving.

Born in New York City, Charlie Shoten is a computer entrepreneur and insurance executive. Later, Charlie Shoten developed an interest towards poker game, and became a professional poker player. In his poker career, he has cashed in more than fifty poker tournaments across the United States. Owing to his successes, he has become one of the top-ranked professional players in the poker game. Despite his successes, he felt he is not happy with his life. So, he started analyzing his own life, and identified the basic problems that make him stressful. Once he started solving them, his life has become happier. Charlie Shoten wanted to share his experience, and started writing the book No-Limit Life.

No Limit Life by Charlie Shoten mainly deals with problem solving skills both in games as well as in life. It is more like the author’s biography that discusses about problems that we face in day-to-day lives as well in poker games, and also suggests the best way to solve them. This Charlie Shoten’s book is simple and easy to understand. Although it deals with problem-solving techniques, the book is full of fun and is suitable for all age group. For poker players, who want to know more than just poker game, then this Charlie Shoten’s book is worth a buy. You can get the latest edition of No Limit Life by Charlie Shoten from Tupelo Super Store, which also have a huge collection of other poker books.

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